Gamer.blorge: Review: Killzone 2 - the best looking game this generation

Gamer.blorge: According to the dictionary, a kill zone is defined as an area of heavy casualties in a military conflict or war. This is also known as the killing zone. True to its name, Killzone 2 succeeds in creating the intense visceral experience of war, where you find yourself in the middle of an intense firefight. During the battle, many of your men will be dying left and right against an onslaught of enemies.

I applaud Guerrilla Games for not only meeting the target render, but for surpassing it on many levels. Details such as the sweat glistening off Rico's forehead, terrific lighting and detailed textures like on the floor of the air-lift, all show that Guerrilla Games went through the game with a fine tooth comb to make it better than the target render.

Killzone 2 not only raises the bar with the visuals, but also creates a new genre of cover-based FPS. Since the game managed to show the world that a FPS can have a cover system, I predict that there will be more FPS games with a cover system intact. Keep an eye out for my review of the online portion of the game.

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chidori6663522d ago

totaly true...

agree or not than me?

jammy_703522d ago

this on meta?

might be getting this tmoro!!! cannon not WAIT!!

moses3522d ago

Crysis Warhead ring a bell? Everyone forgets PC's still actually have games.

cryymoar3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

yeah, we forgot how much we want to spend $2000 on a machine to run a single game that only has graphics and really nothing else and that I am unable to play with my friends because they don't have $2000 to spend on a similar machine either.

moses3522d ago

My bad, sorry I forgot that it only takes 600$ to build a PC able to run Crysis(as well as the largest library of games) on high settings.

thewhoopimen3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

oh right, i want to buy a $600 pc for one game. nice! </sarcasm>

kickaski3521d ago

A $600 rig will produce visuals inferior to Killzone 2, i have a expensive PC myself and i have to say that Crysis is completely overrated, all quantity and not enough quality.

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Qorious3522d ago

It's a great looking game, but I'm sure games that will come out this generation will eventually exceed Killzone 2's visuals. *cough God of War 2! cough*

LarVanian3522d ago

You mean "God of War 3" lol

sephy 9 2 53522d ago

plays the MP basically all the reviews that matter will be out. Finally can enjoy the game and move on.

molsen813522d ago

According to the pics in this review, the game actually looks better than the so called render debut a few years ago. This contradicts those claims that the actual game didn't match the debut trailer. But we should know by now that critics will find something about the game to complain about. This review does not fall in that category and is pretty decent.

DelbertGrady3522d ago

And best playing. It brings so many cool gameplay mechanics to the table.

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The story is too old to be commented.