FutureGamez: Killzone 2 Review

The original Killzone on PS2 was a technical achievement with some wonderful effects and animation but lacked something in the gameplay. This PS3 sequel nails it in almost every single way with only the single player campaign length being a major drawback, and perhaps the slightly drab visuals. Still, if you love FPS's, online gaming or jaw-dropping visuals then there is no need to avoid this latest Sony title.

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MegaMohsi3525d ago

On par with the Metacritic score, kinda stupid how the game is getting 7's because it implements the best features of other FPS's but brings nothing "new"

table3525d ago

i dont mind if they give a 7 as long as they back it up properly but as you said it got marked down for not innovating(despite the cover system). No other game has come under this scrutiny but i hope future games will as now they must remain consistant to have any credibility left.

Interesting to see what the next Halo and COD get if they don't innovate.

lordgodalming3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I also don't mind lower scores. People are entitled to their long as the opinions make sense. The review itself isn't bad, but two parts in the conclusion stick out:

"drab visuals" and "jaw-dropping visuals."

I know it's not John Updike writing these articles, but at least be consistent with your own ideas.

Also, since when is 7.5 hours short for a FPS? Even heavy hitting titles rarely last over ten hours anymore. But, like I said, the guy is entitled to his opinions.

Pennywise3525d ago

Cover system is new, but the depth of the multiplayer should be enough for 10/10.

jammy_703525d ago

gears 2 didnt no anything new, all cuz killzone 2 is an ps3 exclusive!

and drab visuels WTF????

hope meta goes bk up to 92!! gamespot give us a 10! 9.5 i'll be good!

QuackPot3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Clearly the majority of reviewers are of the OPINION that Killzone 2 is a 9+/10 game.

Unbiased and true gamers that is.

You have to laugh at the idiots who score lower than a 9.0 and seriously question their intelligence because to do so clearly bucks the trend and shows their fanboyism.

C'mon Gamespot with your review. I'm confident you have finally grown up.

from a gamespot person commenting on the 8 multiplayer maps:

"And yes, the review is coming this week! In the meanwhile, I thought I'd fill you in on all eight maps that ship with Killzone 2, so I can give you further reasons to salivate."

I predict a 9.3 or more from Gamespot.

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anubis123525d ago

hopefully they have more guns....or im not feeling the mp

talltony3525d ago

will think that killzone has drab visuals when playing it come on, the average person will think everything looks amazing. by the way cod4 was like 6 hours long and no really dissed that game so much seeing as how it won goty 2007.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

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IQUITN4G3525d ago

killzone2 does have drab visuals.I know it's a war blah blah but this is a game and you need to vary things once in a while to avoid that suffocating feeling

Technically it's stunning and that's pretty much what was said

QuackPot3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

"'s a war blah blah"

GG could have easily, no wonderfully, done epic and beautiful vistas that Halo has but it wouldn't make any sense as this is war and the story is set on an alien planet with a hostile environment - not Florida beach or the Swiss Alps on a clear sunny day.

Although admittedly, it would be neat to have some vast MP maps in the countryside with Mechs and Tanks.

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