Australian Gamer Review: Killzone 2

Australian Gamer: "I think everyone remembers the first Killzone. It was a masterpiece of gaming that reminded everyone that just because a title was 'science fiction' doesn't mean it couldn't have depth and scope, with complex characters and... forget it. You don't know and I don't know. Did anyone even play Killzone? I know I didn't and I suspect a lot didn't. It was a very odd choice for such a high profile exclusive sequel. Is Sony that hard up for exclusives that they had to dig up the corpse of Killzone, a title known for nothing if not mediocrity? E3 in 2005 was the first we saw of KZ2, and the PS3 realtime videos made everyone sit up and say WoW!."

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cayal3526d ago

Not very Australian when your site isn't

Fishy Fingers3526d ago

Has there been a single review yet that included multiplayer? Seems rather strange to rush your reviews out and avoid at least 50% of the full package.

Lets be honest the majority of use will spend far more time on MP than SP.

Pixel_Addict3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Off the top of my head; IGN, Game Trailers, and X-Play all have reviewed the multiplayer portion of Killzone 2. The MP was playable for reviews and recently the servers were changed to accommodate more traffic.

Anyway, Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 was reviewed well before its multiplayer was playable to the general public. Not to mention Gears of War 2, though highly praised by reviews, and a broken multiplayer. The reviews failed to mention that at all.

cryymoar3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

plenty of other reviewers that could not get a hold of the MP should have either waited, or reviewed the game all over again including the MP. Their scores for the game for sure would improve and would raise the metacritic. I think the experience has drastically improved thanks to It has made the game feel much more competitive as it tracks EVERYTHING! Even saves those oh-so-awesome battle replays.

Killzone 2 might have just become one of the most competitive games ever created. Thank you GG and Sony.

poo3429472947923526d ago

lol he says "I'd put it (graphically) marginally above even Little Big Planet"

How can you compare graphics of Sackboy to KZ2

He makes it sound like kz2 looks only abit above LBP


well why not... graphically Killzone has been compared to every other game under the sun... even games that are not FPS, so why not.

onomix3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Not the title that PS3 fangirls expected it to be. Seriously, you guys have been hyping this game up. It did not deliver. I have played the demo, so my opinion is as much valid as yours PS3 fangirls.

Those who disagree are PS3 fangirls, that can't accept others opinions. Killzone 2 is crap.

God bless and happy gaming

ReTarDedFisHy3526d ago

I take it you believe reviewing half of a game is fair? (No Multiplayer)

stagga3526d ago

It might not be the FPS that crushes all before it but the overwhelming opinion of the review seems to be that it does what it does very well and is a lot of fun. Since when was a game that scored 91% (or come to think of it, above 80%) on Metacritic 'crap'?

peeps3526d ago

why hate a console so much? especially if you own it??

Hmm had a quick look at your comments. ps3fangirls seems to be your phrase, very mature...

Mikerra173526d ago

a 91% is an A- on average, if this game was not overhyped im sure it would have gotten 94-96% but still you must be a xbot fangirl to call this game crap

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I played KZ1, superb game...

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