PS3 Tools make Killzone Technically Impressive

Gamespot reports: "Given the tech focused nature of the trailer there were some showy moments revolving around blowing out individual windows in a warehouse area as well as another sequence that showed shafts of light coming in through holes being blown in a structure. Light also figured prominently in a sequence that showed the light on a soldier's rifle illuminating a dimly lit area. An extended sequence also focused on assorted soldiers getting plugged full of bullets in different venues, which yielded the expecting twitching and flailing. The humanoid and vehicle focused action was livened up at the end of the video when wicked mechanical sentinel-like creatures unfurled their appendages and menaced the camera."

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Maldread4242d ago

so i`ll give this an approved, and remove my own article when your`s get`s approved. I wonder if we ever get to see this technical demonstration ( someone`s bound to leak it probably), or if we have to wait until July for a trailer.

DJ4242d ago

I'm expecting physics galore for this title.

Maldread4242d ago

I think the most interesting things about Killzone to me is how much it approves on the originals problems and how close they are going to get to the first trailer. Good physics couldn`t hurt either ;)

zonetrooper54242d ago

I really can not wait for the Killzone 2 trailer but its not going to be shown until July, thank god its after my GCSE's and on in the month of my B-Day.

wiggles6664242d ago

Really? This is it? Isn't this game coming out at the end of the year? If I were in their position I'd be flaunting ANYTHING from Killzone, I was expecting at least a quick clip of gameplay, but it doesn't look like they're going to release it unless someone can throw it on YouTube.

DixieNormS4242d ago

Having people wait around and not sleep all night for nothing pretty much. Everyone knows they are working on phisics and stuff but to leave us out in the cold sucks some major cahones.

original seed4242d ago

This has been my major gripe. Will they deliver on the smooth animation. I hoping but i think not.

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The story is too old to be commented.