Killzone 2 Developer Interview - DLC and Controller Lag Addressed

ButtonMasher has an interview with the developers from Guerilla in their latest podcast. It covers the Controller Lag that many have experienced in the Demo as well as possible DLC which is already in the works.
The online networking is also discussed in detail and contrary to popular belief the in game experience is not server based.

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SasanovaS7773615d ago

all i know is this game is god among fps games, and i will have my hands on it in less then 3 days. gg

Playa79703615d ago

yes it is!! now heres to you complainers of the control system

NNNW3615d ago

they weren't kidding when they said that the control feel for SP and MP are different.

only tried skirmish so far (no online yet) and it is nothing short of awesome.

G-DOG3615d ago

1st off da game is great. playd demo and beta. MY CRY is dat please make sure, 4 da online multiplayer part of it at least, dat u have customizable button control scheme cus i hate all da available options GG has given and forced me 2 choose. They all suck. Thats da only thing dats stopping me from enjoying da game. Its a great game but without ur choice of button layout how can u enjoy da great gameplay dat it offers including da whole game itself. I can understand blocking it on da campaign but MP has 2 have or else. Yes im aware of of alternate 2. Hate it also. I love shooting wit R2. zoom/aim wit L2. stab/melee wit O. Crouch wit R3. Sprint wit L3. and so forth but there r no such options 2 do this and its ruining da experience. We r all different so y r we forced 2 play alike when were not. As an fyi i used da tactical flipped on call of duty which gave me dat configuration. On resistance 2 i love it cus it lets u customize da controls 4 da MP and SP and dat helped not ruin da experience. Please GG make sure this 1 small most important feature is in da final game its all i ask 4. Please hit agree if u want it. Thank U.

Traveler3615d ago

The Standard 1 controller layout works perfectly for me.

na2ru13615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

you will be able to adapt - like real gamers. I also adapted to the slow response just like I did with Warhawk.
I agree Standard1 is great for SP at least if you plan to use the cover system.

Rofflecopter3614d ago

just use standard one or alternate 2, i invert, and i up the y sensitivity one and the x axis sensitivity by two. perfect controls.

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PS3istheshit3615d ago

doesnt matter cuz the games gonna b so good
cant w8
2 more days nigs

Bren863615d ago

So is the game not on dedicated servers?

Time_Is_On_My_Side3615d ago

Every online PlayStation 3 game is on dedicated servers, developers create the online just like computer game development.

Microsoft Xbox 3603615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

A game this big? They should definitely count on dedicated servers. But idk.

Warbletot3615d ago

I just picked it up from EB games!!!!!!!!!!!
They left a message on my phone and I made a large detour on my way home from work to get it....excitement plus.
I saw a naked all female open mud wrestling competition on the way but nothing, I repeat, nothing was stopping me from getting to EB games before it closed.
Now I have to get the kids of to bed and neutralize the wife, and I'm good to go......It's going to be a long 3 hours.

DERKADER3615d ago

They clearly say that it is peer to peer and the servers on handle scores and stats. There goes the PS3 fanboys argument that all PS3 games have dedicated servers. But I can't wait to pick this one up.

Jager3615d ago

If the servers where all P2P, we wouldnt have to wait for them to "Turn" them on now wouldnt we eh? jackass...

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