Digital Battle: Dead Space Review–No One Can Hear Your Screams of Joy

Digital Battle writes: "Well, I finally got around to trying Dead Space for the Xbox 360, and I'll say this much–that sucker was a surprise out of nowhere. Best part was, the further in I got, the more I liked it.

I confess to personal bias; check out the plot on this beauty. Basically, you're part of a team of agents sent to recover a derelict ship in the middle of deep space. No sooner do you get there and find the ship abandoned then your OWN ship suffers a catastrophic failure. Now, your only hope for survival is to get the derelict working again so that you can call for backup and get out of there. Of course, it's never that easy–it's what's causing all the problems on the derelict that's the REAL problem. Specifically, a whole slew of giant monsters. Now you've got to fight your way to getting the derelict back on her feet and getting you and the team out of there."

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