Dante's Inferno Screenshots

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"Dante's Inferno is an upcoming third-person action adventure video game to be published by Electronic Arts and developed by EA Redwood Shores.[1] The game is based off the canticle of the same name from Dante Aligheri's epic poem The Divine Comedy."

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Elven63616d ago

It seems to have some pretty bad AA issues which will hopefully be worked out towards the end of development. This is Romero's project right? I'm always a fan of his work so I will give this a go regardless.

krouse933616d ago

Graphics look extremely Jagged. And Very Outdated.

Flyingelephant3616d ago

If you're going to try to copy god of war at least try to make the graphics look better than chains of olympus on psp.

swiftshot933616d ago

hopefully looks better in motion