Evil Avatar: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Review

Evil Avatar writes: "The original F.E.A.R. had its fair share of detractors in amongst the fans of the bloody slo-motion shooter. In my personal opinion the original was a brilliant mix of macabre horror and military aggression. The locations were wonderfully drab, managing to intensify the pressure of armored soldiers bearing down upon you. The lighting system was revolutionary and with the physics mixed in provided a real sensory overload. Ports to both the 360 and PS3 struggled to match up and expansions were, however, entirely disappointing."

The Good

* You feel like a power-house as you nip between enemies in slo-mo.
* The range of weapons is pleasing and you'll be given ample opportunity to use them all.
* Alma's hallucinations are little technical marvels. Fun and creepy all at once.

The Bad

* The level locations are fairly dull and lack the same sense of claustrophobia of the originals office blocks.
* Visuals feel somewhat dated, especially the outdoor areas where the lighting system can't substitute.
* The story isn't told very well, parts feel cliché and the frights seem like an afterthought.

The Ugly

* You never feel overwhelmed, slo-mo is no longer an advantage in tricky situations but instead a "make me invincible" button.

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