Killzone 2 - Exclusive Badge Abilities part 2: Engineer HD

Here's part 2, talking about the Engineer.
Key features: Place sentry-turrets, Repair destroyed ammo boxes/turrets.

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Ryangp3576d ago

Click Disagree if you haven't Pre-ordered Killzone 2

hakis863576d ago

I actually pre-ordered it in November.. lolz =) Been playing Gears 2 until now :)

TheHater3576d ago

for them to do the Sniper one :)

SeanScythe3576d ago

I had it preorded back in may of last year when Gamestop put it on their list. They guy told me they just added it to the list that day.

JohnnyMann4203576d ago

God I love Xbox exclusive games.

SeanScythe3576d ago

hell yeah man you should go preorder it before it's sold out. be sure to tell them loud and proud you want killzone 2 for the badass 360.