Silent Hill: Homecoming Review - Kikizo

Konami's undead chickens come home to roost, and Kikizo is right there with a roasting tin.

The Verdict: "Not so much Silent Hill returning home as Silent Hill rooting through its own garbage. A polished but utterly complacent slab of survival horror."

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dirigiblebill3526d ago

Shame about this one - they had long enough to make it, but then I suppose there were all those studio switches/mergers...

sam22363526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Polished? Really?

So according to kikizo, monsters that respawn right after you kill them (Literally), a dodging mechanic that doesn't work, walking around with no ammo for most of the game (Because there's barely any ammo at all) and monsters that take nearly all your health with only one hit, makes a polished game?

IMO, this game could've used another year in development. Oh, and it didn't need all those SH movie references either.

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot about the torch that can barely light up a room.

Edwin853525d ago

Didn't notice much evidence of monsters respawning straight after they'd been killed, and the dodging mechanic is perfectly functional. As regards low ammo and monster strength, I'd suggest playing an easier difficulty. Not sure why you're whinging about the torch - would the game be more effective survival horror if every room was well-illuminated?

Like I say, polished but utterly uninspired. Forget another year in development - they need to take the whole franchise back to the drawing board.

sam22363525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

The respawning happens **SPOILER** on the street where you fight the Smog for the first time **END SPOILER**, but it happens, non-stop, **SPOILERS** in Silent Hill, when you're going to switch off the power to the prison gate. **END SPOILER**

About the dodging mechanic, I'm on my fourth playthrough (Reason being: the story is amazing, that's why I keep playing the game.) and I can honestly say that it does not work at all. No matter what I do or how I've dodged, I still get hit.

The torches in the previous games were a lot brighter then the one in SH:H. Hell, the area would get darker when you turned it on in the other games (And get brighter when you turned it off - characters eyes adjusting to the dark, LOL!), but at least you could still see were you are going! In SH:H, the area would be pitch black even if you had the damn thing turned on! The hotel and the sewers are good examples of places were the torch doesn't work.

Also, you can't pick an easier difficulty. Only Normal and Hard. It doesn't matter what you pick, the gameplay is still the same. Having limited ammo and enemies that take a load of health from you does NOT make a game scary.

IMO, you must have had some sort of super Reviewer build of the game because the SH:H I've been playing is in no way polished.

EDIT: I'd love to see what you think of Resident Evil 5. I don't know if you've played the demo, but if you think Homecoming is polished, then you're going to LOVE RE5!

Edwin853525d ago

"Having limited ammo and enemies that take a load of health from you does NOT make a game scary."

I don't know, it certainly scared the poo out of me at times ;)

I'll concede that the dodge function doesn't exactly rival Street Fighter 4 for grace and precision, but I found it pretty workable on Hard - except when fighting those sodding Siams. The near-instantaneous respawning you mention is pretty blatant, yeah, but I felt it was the exception rather than the rule and so didn't give it much thought when I wrote the review.

I'd still say the darkness is no problem. Homecoming might be gloomier than previous Silent Hills - I haven't had a chance to check - but the levels are also more linear and easier to navigate. I reviewed FEAR 2 recently and managed to get hopelessly lost at one point in blazing sunshine because the stupid area exit was hidden under a grill.