ZTGD Review: NASCAR Kart Racing

ZeroTolerance of ZTGD writes: When EA Sports decided to take their beloved franchises in new directions on Nintendo's newest console it seemed like the right move. Making these generally realistic sports more accessible to the millions of casual and younger gamers just seemed like the logical choice. NASCAR Kart Racing continues this trend by taking everyone's favorite left-turn simulator and reconstructing it into a Mario Kart clone. Now I know what you are thinking; this is the biggest mistake since replacing Solid Snake in MGS 2, but as it turns out this latest clone is one of the most enjoyable kart racing games since the king itself. Even fans of the sport will find something to love in this re-stylized version of America's favorite redneck past-time.

+ Solid control
+ Fun tracks
+ Plenty of drivers

- No online
- Feels like a clone

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Johnny Rotten3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I think I'm gonna hold out for Hazz-Matt Karts!!