Gamespot Review Blog - Killzone 2: The Multiplayer Maps

"Killzone 2's multiplayer maps are some of the best on which I have ever fought. Most of them feature winding paths, various chokepoints, and clever placement of capture points, so even on the larger maps, there is no reason why you wouldn't be right in the thick of the action. You know how some shooter maps are great for, say, capture the flag, or deathmatch, but not for other modes? Killzone 2's maps may excel in some modes more than others, but possess no intrinsic weaknesses. And that's for the best, because matches string multiple modes seamlessly together, keeping you constantly on your toes and forcing you to switch gears several times in a single game."

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Socomer 19793550d ago

I cant freaking wait !

I just beat battlefield bad company last night on hard.
im trading that game away along with call of duty 4.
with killzone 2 there is absolutly no need to keep these games in my collection.


Kleptic3550d ago

this is an area that will probably go over looked, and already has throughout nearly every currently available review...

there were only 3 in the that is all i have experience with...but the amount of detail, the size (for the two larger maps), and all the little vantage points available are incredible...

each map had at least three stories of verticle scaling...with wide open views, of which you could see across the entire map...the fact that there was so much up close detail, yet the draw distance was still so huge...was awesome...and with 32 players on a map at once, you definitely can use that distance to your advantage...

and all the while they somehow made it nearly impossible for players to camp...every room has at least 2 matter where you are, save your main spawn area, you could easily have someone get in behind you unnoticed...there was this perfect balance of the feeling of being in a great defensive position for every objective, yet still feeling 100% vulnerable at any given time...that was what impressed me the most...because of the flawless map design, team work is absolutely essential to win any was impossible for one person to effectively camp an objective and hold off the enemy...

spunnups3550d ago

awesome hands on preview right there. this may be the first game where i get serious about joining a clan.

Violater3550d ago

gamespot needs to stop milking the game and just do the review

Sevir043550d ago

Thats the last review that everyone is waiting for. LOL!!!

redsquad3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )


redsquad3550d ago

Pity I'm so rubbish at online multiplayer as it looks like an essential componant of this game and yet I'll probably be missing out.

poindat3550d ago

I'm absolute crap too, but that isn't stopping me from picking it up. Just gotta get online early to get an edge on everyone, and MAYBE I'll have a chance at keeping up with some of you pros. ;)

redsquad3550d ago

Oh I'll certainly be giving the MP maps a twirl, but I suspect it'll get VERY embaressing VERY quickly and I'll end up scurrying back to the campaign in short order.
Also, as it's a team based experience, I think the "kick player" option will be being used on me a lot too!;)

EastCoastSB3550d ago

There's always the bots you guys can practice with so you don't completely embarrass yourselves. lol

Why o why3550d ago

that might make things worse..The bots are quite adept and team up well. They also have that uncanny knack of making you kick their grenades

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onomix3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Xbox fanboys are mad, because GameSpot gave MGS4 a 10/10. So they turned their back to GameSpot. GameSpot have become PS3 fanboys since that.

God bless and happy gaming.

HDDVD183550d ago

GS is owned by CNET

Ofcourse had it been x360 exclusive then it would have got 10 from GS

GS usually underrate ps3 games and i wont be surprised if it gives the game a 7/8

bassturd3550d ago

mmmm how so....they give xbox exclusives god scores....

I didn't see them trying to nitpick thru ...say...Gears of War 2's MP. If they had waited to play that MP for the final game the score should of been bumped down a couple points for the sheer amount of bugs and lag and broken matchmaking that plagued that game upon release.

Bigrhyno3550d ago

Oh shut up HDDVD. MGS 4 got a 10, and Halo Wars got a 6.5 which is below what most other sites have given it. I am expecting a very good score. I just listened to the GS weekly podcast and the person who is going to review the game seemed VERY enthusiastic about it.

TOSgamer3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

So what if Gamespot is owned by Cnet? You do know that Cnet was bought by CBS last year right? Unless your contention is that MS now owns CBS...

Edit below: Damn your kind of slow. Do some research before posting garbage.


HDDVD183550d ago

GS has given 10 to MGS4 since their traffic fell by 60% and it is no longer a major gaming website

iGN took its crown and gets bigger everyday
CNET is owned by MS. Halo wars got 6/7 from most websites
Halo wars has 82% average at meta.not an AAA

Bigrhyno3550d ago

6.5 is quite a bit lower than 82%.
Other Sites:
IGN 8.4
1up B
Gametrailers 8.4

In fact if you look at the Halo Wars metacritic page, Gamespot is the last on the list.

Cnet is owned by CBS now.

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