Is Killzone 2 a System Seller for Playstation 3?

Killzone 2 will certainly be an excellent game but will it be be popular enough to drive gamers to buy Playstation 3s?

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HemDroid3576d ago

after my xbox died on me for the 2nd time
I thought it was time to get a PS3
Was'nt a hard decision
Killzone 2 was only a month away
Never looked back since

Chris3993576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

so serious question:

"Has anyone seen a KZ2 ad on television?"

If so, when, during what show and on what network?

I'm not being smarmy, I love my PS3 and I genuinely want to know if it is getting prime-time coverage (there's a lot of trigger-finger 'disagreers' out there :) ).

I really hope that they market this beast of a game, it should move systems, but people need to know that it exists.

@ below. Cool! Thanks for the feedback fellahs. Really glad to hear that it's airing in North America on demographically suited channels (no sense airing it on the Oxygen network :) ).

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titntin3576d ago

I saw a small add announcing its coming a couple of days ago on ITV in the UK. Only seen it once, but I did see it!

HighDefinition3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

When people start playing Killzone2 MP at their friends houses, it is gonna cause alot of people to REALLY want this game, cause people are gonna be talking about it, I can guarantee you that. People loved COD4 MP, I can`t think of any reason why they would like Killzone2s MP.

My point, MP is what`s gonna sell this game.

rhood0223576d ago

I live in Texas, and I've seen the Killzone 2 ad on Spike, G4, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network (during Adult Swim), Fox, and NBC.

In the last week, in fact, I've seen the "bullet" ad 11 times.

Johnny Rotten3576d ago

I haven't seen the Killzone ad but I seen the FEAR ad 2x about a week ago.

HighDefinition3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

I`ve saw the Killzone2 ad about 5 times last week.

And I don`t watch much TV.

Sony definitely marketing this better than other games.

Aclay3576d ago

"Has anyone seen a KZ2 ad on television?"

Yep, I've seen the Killzone 2 commercial (I live in NC). I saw it last night on Comedy Central. I haven't seen it as many times as rhood022, but I've seen it a few times.

Considering the amount of times that rhood022 has seen it, Sony is definantly getting the Killzone name out.

CaptainHowdy3576d ago

A certain Crab bought one for this game....that's earth-shatteringly good 8)

XxZxX3576d ago

Definitely, in worldwide scale.

I love video games3576d ago

maybe alittle, who knows, i have yet to see an ad of any type even in game stop

soxfan20053576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Based on the lack of an intense marketing push, I think that even Sony realizes that KZ2 is not going to be a system seller. It's an M-rated, hardcore shooter, and that genre does not appeal to enough people who still have not upgraded their gaming console. KZ2's target audience is hardcore gamers who have been with PS3 since the beginning, and can appreciate it's nuances.

It's pretty obvious that Sony is positioning God of War III as it's biggest system seller. GOW3 is over a year away, and Sony is already pushing it heavily. Plus, it's an established franchise, and platformers appeal to more people than shooters.

SolidAhmed3576d ago

except for the innovation part look at ME figures and you will see why innovation usually come with the risk of accepting the game play.

GiantEnemyFlop3576d ago

yes, this game will be the critical point to buy the ps3, after all shooter is and always will be the system seller, especially if it's have humongous graphic like Killzone 2

Lifendz3576d ago

I think people that only own a PS3 and no other console are not looking to pick up one of the other two if they haven't by now.

People that only own a 360 or a Wii are, however, waiting for a reason to get a PS3. And when they walk into Gamestop, Walmart, or wherever and see the beauty that is Killzone 2, I think they'll pick up a PS3.

GameGambits3576d ago

Every game ever made has some potential to sell a console to someone if they really wanted to play it.

Killzone 2 has just as good of a chance as any game to be the reason someone buys a PS3 to play it.

staub913576d ago

I have a friend who is buying a PS3 for this game, so I guess that makes it a system seller.

arika3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

everyone that i know has preordered one and they talk about it all the time. sometimes a direct referral from a friend or someone you know is the best way to sell or buy a new game console and killzone 2 is doing just that. with the help of good advertisements, hopefully it will catapult the ps3 to second spot by this year.

to add to this with the engine they have created on killzone 2 that can now be accessed by 1st, 2nd and third party developers, it will be one of those reasons why people will buy a ps3.

Beast_Master3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

It could be a system seller. Generally a System Seller is a game that has a previous record of selling alot of games like Halo, GTA MGS and GT. Seeing as Killzone 1 and Liberation where not system sellers, makes it hard to gauge.

Gamespot has announced they will be holding a midnight release which is huge. Other games to have midnight releases: Halo 3, Gears 2, Super Smash Brothers and Madden. Regardless it will be a huge edition to Sony's library.

Edit @ Below

I was at Gamestop at lunch today and they had a flier for it on their counter. My buddy found out about it too from his brother who works at gamestop and he asked if I wanted to go with them. I live in the Atlanta area, don't know if anyone else can confirm this.

IdleLeeSiuLung3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

It might suprise considering the hype, but considering I have not heard of any really midnight openings within the week of the release it might not be. In addition, this just reported today:

GameStop might not hold their midnight openings after all. Sorry to piss on the parade, but I might have to run to Walmart 24-hour store to get mine at midnight. I also just got my RealTriggers for the PS3 controller. Oh my, the snap on triggers that prevents your finger from slipping and accidentally firing. It makes if fugly. See it here:

I got it for $5 from with my KZ2 order, but I saw it the other day at GameCrazy for $5. A little pricey for a piece of plastic, but well worth it. I'm getting two more as a backup!

By the way, the guy in the youtube video got the same TV and speakers (probably stereo to since it came as a bundle). Not that it matters.

Ngai3576d ago

an ad on tv? i'm playing the game on my tv! oh yea oh yea, so intense!!

edgeofblade3576d ago

"If marketed right, yes."

If taken on its merits as a game, no.

That kind of philosophy is what most people criticize Halo 3 for. It was promoted like crazy. And guess what... it was still a great game for anyone who wasn't dead set against liking it. In my opinion.... that's MY opinion, not yours or anyone else... Killzone 2 doesn't live up to those expectations the way Halo 3 did.

ThanatosDMC3576d ago

Saw it on Discovery Channel and Comedy Central during Colbert Report in the morning.

SAiOSiN3576d ago

i saw 4-5 last night on channel USA during monday night RAW.

Blaze9293576d ago

I bought a PS3 last year for Heavy Rain and Killzone 2 so meh, i guess so. Although I could have waiting but i liked the 80GB MGS4 bundle.

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Kleptic3576d ago

Is killzone 2 a media strongpoint that is keeping every little bloggy website alive and well?...


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Socomer 19793576d ago

Though the american media of magazines and websites would sure hope not.