Patch 3.1 Hits WoW Test Servers

The enormously anticipated Patch 3.1 for World of Warcraft has just hit the Public Test Servers.

Certain changes were expected, but there are many new things that have shocked or delighted testers. For example, several class changes that were not mentioned beforehand are in the test notes, such as the Warrior skill 'Titan's Grip' will now reduced all physical damage done by the Warrior by 10%, thus reducing Warrior's damage efficiency dramatically.

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Maticus3525d ago

Warriors are up in arms... Not good news for them (me) at all.

QQ etc

Leord3525d ago

Well, you don't seem too sad. Perhaps this was just something they had coming then? =)

Maticus3525d ago

No way, not a 10% slash to damage, that's just ridiculous.

Spydiggity3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

warriors def needed a nerf. but i don't see how this is a justified move while still basically leaving ret pallies alone. if anyone needs a nerf, it's them. i mean, i know pallies are the class made for the noobs in the game, but there are some good paladins, and they are by far the most OP class, always have been.

Voiceofreason3525d ago

No ridiculous was them allowing warriors to openly use 2 2 handed weapons with zero penalty.

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Leord3525d ago

Ooooh, FINALLY a nerf to Warriors!!!!

Dorjan3525d ago

10% decrease?

Were they overpowered?

Leord3525d ago

You're kidding me? This class is what you normally would see tanking, and they were beating almost any other DPS. A well placed nerf here...

Maticus3525d ago

Not THAT overpowered. TG was pretty imba I admit, but the hit penalty was better than this, at least we could compensate for it in some way.

Leord3525d ago

Indeed, finally able to get past (relatively) shallow waters without dismount =P

Fyzzu3525d ago

Hooray! Patch notes. Quite liking the Rune of Cinderglacier change, but that's likely a knee-jerk reaction and I'm sure people will be telling me how awful a change it is before long :)

Wonder if this'll make warlocks at all viable again, without incredible gear? Time will tell...

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