NextGen Player Review: Savage Moon

NextGen Player Writes:

Tower defense games have seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to games like PixelJunk Monsters on the PSN, and Savage Moon seeks to capitalize upon this trend. However, whereas PixelJunk Monsters proved that tower defense games can be highly engaging and strategically deep, Savage Moon suffers from some turret issues, erratic AI and a significant exploit that reduces the game to a shallow tech race.

The story behind Savage Moon is simple enough: in the distant future, humans have long depleted the resources found on Earth, and have spread across the stars to harvest resources from wherever they can. They soon discover planets called Imoons that are resource rich and contains the three minerals essential for galactic survival (Coltan, Zirconolite, and Hematite).

Of course, there is a huge catch to extracting these minerals. Imoons are actually living asteroids that contain an auto-immune system that protects itself like a living body would. This auto-immune system manifests itself in the form of Insectocytes - swarms of savage bug-like creatures - that defend their Imoon with relentless attack.

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