How FIFA ousted Pro Evolution Soccer and became king

The FIFA franchise is undoubtedly an extremely prestigious one, trumping its nearest rival Pro Evolution Soccer in sales year in year out, and leaving gamers everywhere doughy eyed at how lovely it all looks. "Looks" being the key word here, of course. While not boasting the lucrative licensing prowess of FIFA, it was Pro Evo that always managed to play the best game of football; matches would ebb and flow with intensity and speed, leading to some thrilling end-to-end encounters. It just all felt so natural, the arcade style never letting realism get in the way of some good old-fashioned fun.

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tatotiburon3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

it was a good fight, PES dominated the soccer games for many year and that makes EA to improve themselves year over year and now all the good work has rewarded everybody...FIFA 09 is now the best soccer game ever and PES is right now dead.

jromao3549d ago

For much you complain and cry, PES is the real football experience, fluid and dynamic, and FIFA keeps out for little kids to play with.

Clance3550d ago

I totally agree... PES got lazy and waaaay too comfortable, living off their hardcore audience.

kaironn3550d ago

I still need to check out a NON-US Football game!

Arsenal4Ever3550d ago

Sorry what was that? Never heard of the word soccer, mate. If you mean football then oh I understand.

On-topic : FIFA took over from FIFA 08. Konami has been lazy as ever PES 08 and 09 were terrible. No improvements over thier PS2 counter parts except from graphics.

Ziriux3550d ago

Yea, I have no doubts that PES will try coming back.

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The story is too old to be commented.