Lionhead sells Fable mask on eBay

Via CVG: "Lionhead sends word that ones of its senior artists is flogging a one-of-kind Fable II Hobbe mask on eBay. Not for charity of anything - he's skint.

'Jamie our resident Senior Artists and Sculptor is selling some of his items on Ebay (probably to make space in the loft). One of the items that will undoubtely be of interest to any Fable II fan is this Hobbe Creature Mask (link) in Latex that can actually be worn by the owner,' reads the not on the Lionhead community site."

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NOOBSTATION 33550d ago

to me it looks like the average NOOBSTATION user.

Jerk1203550d ago

Noobstation users look almost exactly the same as that but somewhat slightly worse.

Kight3550d ago

Oh hai! A Mangalore!
Man, The Fifth Element was such a great sci-fi movie.

Wait a second...

Megaton3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

That's exactly what I though. Looks nearly identical to those guys in The Fifth Element.

GamerPS3603550d ago

who'd want to buy that ?

Magic_The_Celt3550d ago

Damn.. if i was a man with money :(

NOOBSTATION 33550d ago

but only if you wear it for a full year, without ever taking it off.