Will The Wii's Next Peripheral Be The Classic Power Glove?

The Power Glove sure looked amazing back in the day when we were all young gamers and the world hadn't been cheapened by mindless droids, but the revolutionary product was ahead of its time and unfortunately under developed. Everyone remembers the power glove right? The awesome add-on to Nintendo's box that allowed you to play all those games; let's list them all right here and now; ok there was Super Glove Ball you remember that game right? And oh yeah, who could forget the Bad Street Brawler, two games that will never be remembered by anyone (or do I mean "will always be remembered?" {Meh} Who cares? they were both terrible). Don't get me wrong, this idea could have been revolutionary, if it was Nintendo behind the wheel when developing the Power Glove' but it wasn't. Mattel Inc. in USA and PAX in Japan, companies solemnly based on toys were the ones who took on the project and oh how they failed.

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