TeamXbox: Dirt 2 First-Look Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Codemasters has been a veteran developer/publisher for many years and, perhaps more than any other genre, has been best known for its hard-core car-racing games. Though the late Colin McRae was a legendary rally racer in the UK, it's likely that a majority of the people who recognize his name in North America came to know him as a result of the Codies' many releases that had his name in the title.

In mid-2007, Codemasters extended that lineage with its Dirt release-which had the full title of Dirt: Colin McRae Off-Road-a game that furthered the franchise built off the driver's name (and which earned a 9 in its TeamXbox review). Sadly, not long after the game shipped, McRae was killed when the helicopter he was piloting crashed in Scotland. "

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