Microsoft to publishers: Help us avoid ad screw-ups

Say this about Microsoft: the company may not hit the right note with a product on its first or second try, but it perseveres.

So it was with a panoply of Microsoft products--Windows, NT, Internet Explorer, Xbox--where later iterations were head and shoulders above the original. Will we be saying something similar about the advertising platform the company is still building?

Impossible to say, but the news Monday of a Microsoft Publisher Leadership Council is designed to help the brass get it right with the next incarnation of the company's online publishing platform.

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lord_of_balrogs3526d ago

Ah advertising, at least MS tries to do it unlike some other game company.

Unicron3526d ago

At least some "other companies" actually make their OWN games. ;-)

(I await the people without a sense of humor to crucify us both, no?)

Rock Bottom3526d ago

Did MS just admitted screwing-up?