The Most Anticipated 2009 PS3 Exclusive is…

Killzone 2 finally comes out this Friday. Now that we will all be able to bask in it's glory, it's time to focus on the other great titles that will grace the PS3 exclusively this year.

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sonarus3528d ago

God of war 3 by a wide margin

Sev3528d ago

I think so, but I really think Heavy Rain, and inFamous will be sleeper hits

interrergator3528d ago

but it wouldnt hurt to try them out

OGharryjoysticks3528d ago

Nothing wrong with evolution. I'm thinking it's going to be MGS4 + 1

jwatt3528d ago

I voted for Uncharted2 because it's sort of unfair to have God of war 3 on that list because it's automatic number one. It's like asking what's your most anticipated movie of 2009, I'm sure Transformers 2 will get a majority of the vote. It should read what's your most anticipated ps3 exclusive besides GOW3.

Danja3528d ago

I agree....also..GOW3 is the crowd it shouldn't have really been on the list..

i'll have to go with Uncharted 2...


Heavy Rain

are all worth looking forward to

RememberThe3573528d ago

The line-up this year is freakin awesome.

And isn't GT5 supposed to be coming out this year as well.

badz1493528d ago

I for once only buy exclusive because of tight budget and I still need to import everything because games are sold insanely expensive over here! one thing I know is, I will have a hard time to cope up with all these exclusives coming this year! I'm having a hard time saving up for KZ2 and now the wait is almost over! but my most anticipated game this year is Uncharted2 followed by KZ2 and then GoW3! even if I can't buy all the exclusives being offered this year, I'll make sure at least these 3 (if GoW3 is indeed coming this year) is in my collection! now...if only I have more time to play them!

Freak of Nature3528d ago

GOW3 is not confirmed as of yet....

And I imagine it will be #1 on most peoples lists,as it is high up on my too........but for me it has to be "uncharted 2",more my style gameplay wise,etc,etc...

Now since GOW3 is not confirmed for 09' just yet,can we also pick another as of yet not confirmed game,a little game in the works from "Team Ico"....???

So since GOW3 is not confirmed I can put Team Ico's name up on my most wanted list too I gather...

Team ICO's next game,don't need anything on it,not a stitch or pixel,I "know" it will be my favorite...

Then Uncharted 2....

With GOW3 and ratchet and Clank Future 2 getting tons of playtime...

Now if they can finally announce the next Jak all will be perfect...

cayal3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Didn't Sony have God of War on its list of 09 releases?

While I don't think it will make 2009, there's no reason to exclude it right now.

interrergator3528d ago

its already confirmed they showed there lineup like a week ago


SL1M DADDY3528d ago

As much as I want to see GOWIII, I am really interested in seeing Nathan Drake in action again. Uncharted was superb, and I will expect nothing less from Uncharted 2.

Beast_Master3527d ago

I may be alone on this but Infamous is my most anticipated. Don't get me wrong I love Uncharted and GOW3. I just beat GoW on my PSP and I went back to get the trophies for Uncharted. I can wait a few more months to be back in those worlds. So I am itching to throw some electric grenades, kick some reaper butt and save the world.

Doppy3527d ago

All of them.

God of War is my favorite, but all of these games look like a buy to me.

StalkingSilence3527d ago

Just to be different, has potential - needs to have the same Warhawk arcadey feel.
Obviously, the others will be great. But I'm most anticipating more news about this game.

ThanatosDMC3527d ago

I'm extremely curious about MAG.

sack_boi3526d ago

For me it's Heavy Rain by a wide margin.

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grantps33528d ago

i wouldnt buy heavy rain unless it was dirt cheap.

sounds like an interesting game, but its just not for me.

uncharted 2 FTW

DoucheVader3528d ago

I am really looking forward to it. It's not going to be your typical type of game which really intrigues me.

Hallucinate3527d ago

come to think of it. the only titles im intrested in are SP games =D GOW3, heavy rain and of course uncharted 2

silvacrest3527d ago

prehaps playing farenhite would sway you more towards heavy rain
but if you already have just ignore me :P

Skyreno3528d ago

lol forgot to put Yakuza 3 i will pick that :)

FireJackal3528d ago

That's the type of question that make my head explode.There is so many great games coming,i can't chose one.

queerbearandchicken3528d ago

if it doesnt come this year, then Uncharted 2

DoucheVader3528d ago

Answer in the poll. :P I think GoW3 is coming this year.