Gamespot: Death Tank Review

Death Tank will feel immediately familiar to anyone who has played Scorched Earth or any of the Worms games. That's because Death Tank is all about blasting your opponents to kingdom come by adjusting the angle and power of your shot so that your projectiles strike true. The big difference in Death Tank is that, while Worms and Scorched Earth require that players take turns when lining up their shots and firing, the action here is all in real time. The result is a near-constant barrage of firepower that soars across the screen and reshapes the fragile landscape. You can't unload artillery nonstop--each weapon takes several seconds to recharge after use--but you're never safe from the attacks of others, and each round lasts until only one player remains and all opponents' tanks have been reduced to flaming rubble on the battlefield. The result is an accessible, fast-paced tactical experience that can be quite enjoyable when shared with friends. Unfortunately, the 1,200 Microsoft points price tag on this simple game is outrageous.

The Good:
* Online play is exciting
* Simple but attractive visuals.

The Bad:
* Outrageously priced
* One game-spoiling item
* Solo options are very limited.

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