Killzone 2 multiplayer "Class" abilities explained in detail

Killzone 2 multiplayer "Class" abilities explained in detail w/images check it out

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ult5553576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

And i'm all in multiplayer waiting.
The maps are awesome and the dynamic missions too ^_^

Tomkar3576d ago

But this really is something special from the looks of it it's going to beat CoD's class system (Perks and all that customization) but we have to wait and see. :D


N2NOther3576d ago

Man, I'm going to enjoy trying all the different combinations...Considering how much I enjoy using a silencer in COD, I can only imagine what I would do with the scout/sabatuer patches...

OldParr3576d ago

i am excited about this game and i heard about that the new MP features are awesome especially the one that you can replay your matches like halo3. i resrved my copy but i dont think im gooing to get it day one