Official Killzone 2 Ranking and Badge Layout w/images

Official Killzone 2 Ranking and Badge Layout w/images check it out

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Helghast Slayer3577d ago

Cool in 2 1/2 days ill be getting those badges.

thebudgetgamer3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

dam lucky punks.


its cool as you guys usualy get the shaft. cheers

Helghast Slayer3577d ago

Yeah i'm from Australia. I think the UK gets it 26th too.

TheHater3577d ago

to be in the top .01% weekly is going to be a b!tch. I hope I am able to be in the top .01% at least once so I can get that badge.

Kouppa3577d ago

Yeah the rank system is very complex

rroded3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

still great idea only the top players get em and they can change every week :D

holy smokes medals unlock perks too!

Queers of War3577d ago

yikes, unless i play 24/7 for one week and have a crazy score to boot, i wont be getting the trophy for the top weekly honour (which means no platinum) =(

resistance1003577d ago

@Queers of War

You could just wait 3 years down the line when KZ3 is released, then no one will be on KZ2 and the trophy will be easy to get =D

ZombieNinjaPanda3577d ago


Apparently the top .01% is dependant on the amount of players. So if there are like..1 million players playing, and Seb (Motherh) said that it could be the top 1000 players, or top 10,000 players.

I forget what it entirely depends on though. That's like a rough idea.

Queers of War3577d ago

i think you guys mean 1%, not 0.1% (which would be absolute hell to get the honour). that being said, i do hope there are millions playing this game, therefore more people being in that 1% range are eligible to get the honour.

HeadShot3577d ago

Wow, this tension is killing me. I need this game right now. It's hard not to look up videos and totally spoil the game.

TheHater3577d ago

It would be in the top 10000 if 1 million people played that week.

HardcoreGamer193577d ago

Yawn....They could of made the ranks alot better. Just another silent release.

ZombieNinjaPanda3577d ago

Thanks for the correction Thehater

But I'm just throwing up some random numbers ect, not really paying attention to my simple math. (Working on matrices :P)

ViceKingz3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

And you're just another jealous xbox fanboy. It's going to be silent least in the 360 aisle.

HeadShot3577d ago

It's either you don't even have a ps3 or you really hate having bubbles.

HardcoreGamer193577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

I got the game from EBAY, It's nothing special, single player is only 8-10 hours and it's very boring. I was disapointed, I thought the game was going to be off the chain but it turns out to be an okay game. Wish I waited and rented it, Oh well 60 dollars down the drain.

Also the reason I said it's a silient release is because gamestop's around here said there's not that many preorders on it(20 per store), so there's no midnight release for gamestop around here.

TheHater3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Your comments remind me of someone with multiple accounts. I wonder who that could be. hmmmmmm.... I am not going to name names now.

HeadShot3577d ago

You bought the game from ebay AND you still went out of your way to check if your local Gamestop is doing a midnight release?

HardcoreGamer193577d ago

No I called gamestop a couple weeks back, I just got the game today.

TheHater3577d ago

How much did you pay for the game on Ebay?
And you stated you call them a few weeks ago. Why don't you call them now and ask them. But wait don't do that because I can't take you words for it. Seeing as you can make up numbers and just post them.

BkaY3577d ago

yep ... it looks like warhawk .... badges ....

yep im in.... now its really hard decision for me.... warhawk or kz2...


hell im give them equal lov... may be lil bit more to kz2.... coz kz2 deserve it...


keep on gamin


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KINGKON513577d ago

I will be General in less than 2 weeks

MIKEY12233577d ago

how does the point system work? how many points per kill?

ShadowRyuX3577d ago

If it is like the Beta then it is 1 pt/kill and then when I got the Kill Count Medal (or w/e it is called) it was 2 pt/kill

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