Noby Noby Boy: Takahashi's Digital Playground

Siliconera writes: "After Katamari Damacy became a hit creator Keita Takahashi said he was interested in making playgrounds for kids. Noby Noby Boy is Takahashi's digital playground.

The game has no levels to beat. You control the BOY in randomly generated rooms and interact with the world. Loop the BOY inside donut shaped clouds, knock boxes into the abyss only to watch them fall from the sky, eat knights, and digest… your own tail. While you're doing whatever it is your doing animals and the curious inhabitants might ride on you. Eating things makes the BOY grow, which similar to a massive Katamari ball is harder to control. However, this game isn't Snakamari Damacy. It's up to the player to use his or her imagination to make a scenarios or goals other than collecting trophies."

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