Synnex Gains as Asian Distributor of Microsoft Xbox Game Console

Synnex Technology International Corp. of Taiwan is benefiting from the popularity of Microsoft's Xbox 360 game consoles by being the Asian distributor of the product. As of the end of last year, Microsoft has sold 28 million Xbox 360 game consoles, exceeding the number of PS3 claimed by Sony.

Six years ago Synnex began cooperating with Microsoft to distribute game consoles. The firm says it is the distributor of the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and India, being the exclusive distributor in both Taiwan and Australia.

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Th3 Chr0nic3526d ago

Synnex aka Mitac LOL LMAO i used to work for these f*&ks different division but still they are a$$h*^es... at least in america they are