Sony, Nintendo, Nokia Sued Over Wireless

Edge writes: "Sony, Nintendo and Nokia are currently infringing on patents related to the connectivity of handheld gaming devices, a new complaint says.

A court filing obtained by Edge from February 13 shows that Plano, Tex.-based Wall Wireless LLC is suing Sony, Nintendo, Nokia and related companies including Sony Computer Entertainment America and Nintendo of America for allegedly infringing upon U.S. patent 6,640,086, named 'Method and Apparatus for Creating and Distributing Real-Time Interactive Media Content Through Wireless Communication Networks and the Internet.'"

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Lucreto3523d ago

Another one.

There should be a law in place to stop people to create Patents to make money by suing they need to actively exploring the patent for it to apply.

rroded3523d ago

but much like our current political/economic systems it wont change without an all out revolution...

FarEastOrient3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Yup, I agree, another bull$h!t lawsuit. They wait till every single multi-media device uses this form of connectivity.

Actually Wall Wireless, LLC doesn't even have a website how can they be a legitimate company when they aren't even registered with the Better Business Bureau, Small Business Administration, and United States Patent and Trademark Office. Meaning that Wall Wireless, LLC is not even a registered company itself...

The Lazy One3523d ago

They claimed the patent in 2001. The PSP and the DS didn't come out till 2004. The degree might not be as severe as they say, but he has a right to protect his inventions.

xplosneer3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

True, just the fact that they waited till TWO THOUSAND NINE to file the dispute. If they had filed it a while ago and had to wait forever to get into court, much like the windshield wiper guy vs. Ford, then fine, but this is a whole different story. They conveniently wait until the device is in EVERYTHING and then sue?

Yes, I just saw Flash of Genius. Great movie. He however did not wait to sue, he got held up trying to sue in the first place. This JUST got filed.

The Lazy One3523d ago

They still have a case regardless. I don't agree with the damages they think they should be awarded, but I still think they have the patent and have every right to sue.

I wouldn't judge too quickly as it's very possible they only recently found out about it.

Either way, they still hold the patent, and them's the breaks.

BrianC62343523d ago

"They claimed the patent in 2001. The PSP and the DS didn't come out till 2004. The degree might not be as severe as they say, but he has a right to protect his inventions."

Invention or idea? Most of these bs cases are over an idea, no real product. Someone comes up with a very generic idea like writing on paper with a pencil. They get a patent. Then wait a while and sue. If the product was even known nobody would infringe on their patent. They probably make it hard to search patents too by using strange terms nobody thinks of. The patent offices need to do their job and if they don't they're the ones to hold responsible. They have all the information.

The Lazy One3523d ago


the title of the patent is "Method and apparatus for creating and distributing real-time interactive media content through wireless communication networks and the internet"

key words are method AND apparatus as well as the part where it's used for distributing real-time interactive media. The title is a pretty accurate description of what it is.

You can read it all, but it's pretty long.

It seems like Sony infringed on the patent when they allowed the download of PSP games more than anything.

Proxy3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Thing is, some small nobody comes up with a decent IDEA, patents it. Then sits around and does nothing.

Meanwhile we have this great technology available and nobody is making money from it, and nobody is using it because the patent holder is sitting on his arse doing nothing.

"What ever happened to innovation?"
"Joe Nobody has the patent, but decided he doesn't want to use it."

The Lazy One3522d ago

not just the method.

Of course as apparently everyone in this thread lives in texas and has been to Wall Wireless you'd all know exactly what they're producing.

You've seen about 1/4 of a filed complaint and a patent. It's not your place to judge. Let the courts decide before you run into Wall's corporate headquarters with a bomb strapped to yourself.

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ZombieNinjaPanda3523d ago

People are more concerned with making a quick buck then actually trying to help others.

Godmars2903523d ago

You know that one console maker is trying to patent smilies.

ZombieNinjaPanda3523d ago

Am I going to be sued too!?!


specialguest3523d ago

Hey! I have a patent on the " o.O " you just used. I'll let you slide on this one, but the next one will cost you!

40cal3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I live in Dallas and I could have sworn I watch a news story about Wall Wireless having massive lay offs and potential bankruptcy. I think that the city of Plano was worried because WW is a cash cow for the city..

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jay23523d ago

Some people are so petty..........

GiantEnemyCrab3523d ago

Caught with their hand in the cookie jar! Shame on you all!

Patents are essential to protecting the money grubbing bottom dwellers who come back years after a device is successful and try to sue. =)

Chaoticsoulx3523d ago

Didn't they have this exact same lawsuit last year? or is this the same one and edge is slow? neither would surprise me i guess, still, who cares, no one ever wins these.

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