Thunderbolt Games - When Will Videogames Be Taken Seriously?

Oliver Banham, Thunderbolt Games: "Think to yourself this. When people ask you of your hobbies, do you ever shy away from saying videogames, even though realistically they are your biggest interest? You'll be at ease saying you enjoy rock music, or Tim Burton films, but when it comes to explaining your love for videogames, isn't it a little harder to broadcast? You just know the average person won't have a clue about F.E.A.R or Persona 4, so why even bother? Unfortunately there's every chance that this reluctance to show one's interest in videogames will plague every gamer for years to come. It has come to the table however, that more people than ever are embracing videogames, and soon their importance in society will be universally regarded – such is the ideal scenario.

The Wii is an interesting starting point, representing two conflicting ideas. The first is that it is obviously bringing gaming to the masses, and getting all types of people involved. The elderly, young females and mothers, for example, are buying into the Wii's obscenely friendly persona and wide library of casual games. Thanks to some bright and cheery marketing and a clever choice of celebrity, Nintendo's sales have hit the roof. The DS, too, is just as successful, with franchises such as Ubisoft's Imagine range raking in an impressive amount. The more people that play games, then, surely means we are getting closer to the goal of the world collectively regarding videogames as a respectable and important media form, just like music, film and literature."

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When the Wii kills itself.