New Play Control Metroid Prime games get Corruption's token system

If you played through any significant portion of Metroid Prime 3, then you likely encountered a colorful token or two during your progression through the game.
These tokens were awarded for a variety of reasons and were a lot of fun to compare with your friends, so it's nice to see them being utilized in the New Play Control versions of Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime: Echoes.

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eagle213524d ago

heard from IGN there is added voice narration in the intro.

ChickeyCantor3524d ago

If im not mistaken there was already a voice present in Prime 1.

eagle213524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

It was absent everywhere else, so it seems new to me....sorry about that. :]

ManOnFire3524d ago

I played it too but never finished the final boss. The control set up was okay as long as you did not have to target things above you. I think I may pick up this redo aswell.

NIN643524d ago

Is this coming to Western markets? I will definitely purchase if so. . .

mastiffchild3524d ago

Big let down, imo. The tokens/stickers were a lame disappointment for many Metroid fans who were really expecting(at least) some Hunters style online component to MP3.
Nintendo and Retro both know this and we just get tokens again? A MP online part would really have added an incentive for CG veterans to pick the two first games up again-but tokens? It's a bit of a slap in the face for me!
A two disc package with both games and online mp would rteally have brought the buywers ouyt for the reissues and they miss a trick if they don't give us something as I'm certain it'll sell much better if they put it in.

xabmol3524d ago

Isn't that what they've been doing since they launched the Wii?

Product3523d ago

Hurray for you commenting on a wii article to bad you dont comment when good games are released.

On topic: i loved the original the controls only make it better.

xabmol3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Piss off.

Nintendo released a GC slim and called it next gen. I bought 1 a little after it launched. Played Zelda TP, Mario G, Metroid PC, and No More Heroes. Four, 4! frickin games! That's it. Maybe 2 more, The Conduit and Mad World look promising. But thats it! 6 games! Repackaging old games just does not cut it. I've already played them!

Product3523d ago

"Repackaging old games just does not cut it. I've already played them!"

If your not gonna buy them, why are you complaining?

ChickeyCantor3523d ago


BEcause he is pretending that Nintendo isn't making anything else.
The likes of him pretend Nintendo is working on one game at a time.

On top of that This person does not understand its meant for does who missed out. GCN didn't have these amount of units sold, and by now its its very clear that a title with Nintendo slapped on it will sell well.

If this Metroid port can sell very well ammong this big audience, i would say to Nintendo go for it. Who knows maybe granny will be play Metroid too!

Anyone who missed out should pick this one up, Prime 1 is great.

xabmol3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I hope you have more than just the Wii. Because, from your relentless defense of the console(in other articles too), makes me think that all you got for Christmas was a Wii.


"If your not gonna buy them, why are you complaining?"

6 games... That is why I'm complaining. Nintendo is just about the only dev that can make a decent Wii game. They need all the man power they have to release enough games to satisfy anyone above the age of 13 and below 45. What do they got in the works right now? A new Zelda and...?

Product3523d ago

"What do they got in the works right now? A new Zelda and...?"

Instead of complaining about workforce distribution you should start reading more Nintendo news and you would have already answered your question.

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