Things You Didnt Know About Killzone 2

So you've heard all the hype about Guerilla Games's upcoming AAA title, Killzone 2. But while at the recent pre-release event held by SCE ANZ, I got a chance to ask Steven Ter Heide (Senior Producer) a few unusual questions.

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Nelson M3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

There is a lot i dont know about Killzone 2
Because i aint played it yet
But one thing i do Know
Its Exclusive to the PS3
And the Bots like onomix,pp,why dis pog,slapnut and themart are Crying in their Milk their mummy makes them before they go to bed


This is how a real life Nelson would act

+ Bubbles


One thing i do know is that its going to be the best FPS of 09


DJ3526d ago

But I'm confident that Killzone 2 will retain that title for end-of-the-year awards.

HardcoreGamer193526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

You wish, COD Modern Warfare 2 will be the best FPS of 09

@DJ NOOOOOOOOOO you beat me to it

HighDefinition3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Will be interesting to see what they can get out of the 360, cause I don`t think it`ll be as technically impressive as KZ2.

Should be interesting, to see what they can do.

The BAR has definitely been raised since COD4.

iHEARTboobs3526d ago

So why limit yourself to just one? Unless you don't have a PS3 then, yeah....

monkpunk13526d ago

Something i know is...... are sending my copy out now!

if you pre-ordered check it.... judging by play i think i should have it wednesday!

HighDefinition3526d ago

I don`t think anyone`s saying that. So that was a bit out of nowhere.

uie4rhig3526d ago

but i do know that Killzone 2 will be the FPS of 09 until CoD6 is released.. and depending on how good CoD6 is.. Killzone 2 might be the FPS of 09, but we'll see which is gonna be better :)

iHEARTboobs3526d ago

You're right, but I was just throwing it out there since a lot of the time people say one game will be better than the other. And that's because that's the only game they'll be able to play on their system.

Anyhow, don't mind me, I sometimes don't pay attention and just type. haha

Don_Frappucino3526d ago

Hmmm i think it'll come down to the wire between the two games. I also think that due to COD's aim assist and killzones lack of that feature, more hardcore gamers will opt for killzone, whereas casuals will go with COD. I'll be getting both. Hopefully they'll both be the best FPS's of 2009.

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WhittO3526d ago

O ye i forgot about that Valour system, that is so good!!

This game has so many features which make it's replayability amazing!!

Never mind the incredible Single-player campaign lol.

intoxica3526d ago

Dont get me wrong I like Killzone 2 I've reviewed it at GOA and gave it a good score the only down side to the game to me is the length. 5 - 7 hrs to complete it on normal is a bit of a joke. On the flip side though it looks really good, 7.1 Dolby Digital Audio and great replay vaule in multiplayer. Will it win game of the year? I doubt it but at the end of the day it's still a great game which im sure many of you will love.

Ghoul3526d ago

well you shouldnt play it on normal in te first place. play it on hard and your bound with the game for 10 hours ( i did it)

and ffs the story is great i totally like it and teh gametime considering the deeeep mp is is fair enough.

gears was 5 hours
cod mw was 5 hours

both are still great games

mll093526d ago

Did you read that?


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