Why 'Burnout Paradise's 'Back to the Future' Car Costs More

The "Legendary Cars" pack for "Burnout Paradise" is here.

If you were excited to only purchase the "Back to the Future"-inspired downloadable content for "Burnout Paradise," however, and wondered why the DeLorean cost more than any other vehicle individually, MTV Multiplayer has your answer.

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Nuclearfish3549d ago

"As EA points out, though, the Janesen 88 is the only car of the bunch that is capable of lifting off the ground with just a click of a button."

Wow, really? I would never have believed it! Who would have thought that was the reason it cost more??

Oh wait... everyone did.

Do MTV really need EA to point that out to them?

Hell-Reaver3549d ago

Had no problem with it being more, as i bought the package anyways. The car is worth the money,even if you buy it solo. it's amazing.

joydestroy3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

is it worth it to get the package? what i mean is, are the other cars really fast?

EDIT: nvm

Sangria3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

It's only a marketing choice. Among those cars, the DeLorean is the most "cool" vehicle to drive. I wish we could see the download rate of each car but i'm pretty sure the Jansen 88 would be on top, no matter its characteristics. It's the only car that levitates, after all !

And conscious of that, EA rose its price, because it's not too much to drive a DeLorean.

Imallvol73549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

just another reason to F***ING HATE DLC.

I got bought this game last week and I love it. However, this car would have been much cooler as an unlockable.

Perjoss3549d ago

You know that all DLC is optional right? and some of it is even free, and some of the free DLC is actually very good.

Jdoki3549d ago

Your argument is rubbish. Burnout Paradise has been out a very long time now and has been supported with a tonne of free DLC.

There's no way Criterion were already working on the Jansen 88 when Burnout shipped. It couldn't have been included as an unlockable, as it isn't part of the 'core' Burnout experience - it's an extra.

This is DLC done well... Just because you only bought the game recently doesn't mean this is one of those times when a developer has announced DLC moments after a game shipped (like SFIV, Tomb Raider and so on and on and on).

Fowack3549d ago

this game has been out for nearly a year and they are just starting to releases priced dlc. (party pack & the cars)

It stupid for you to be upset at criterion, they have supported the game like no other developer up to this point. I have no problem with them charging for dlc at this point because this game has already given me 35+ hours of play.

I doubt you have already unlocked all of the cars in burnout.

Th3 Chr0nic3549d ago

i cant beleive the question has to even be asked....its THE F**KING dolorean from back to the future!!!!! wtf ppl

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The story is too old to be commented.