Killzone 2 multi-player servers to be switched on this Wednesday

PS3Attitude writes:

"With the EU release literally only a couple of days away, a lot of people are wondering just when the Killzone 2 online servers will be powered up.

Well, in a message received from KillzoneDotCom, we've learnt that the online servers will in fact be up to coincide with the European release this Wednesday."

Check the article for more details including some information regarding the official Killzone website.

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Ghoul3549d ago


i got the game allready and finished it on hard, i cant so not wait to finally play it online, i love this game

Brodiesan3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I hear ya. I know a LOT of people who have already finished it and can not WAIT for mulit-player to kick in.

Edit: How can you disagree with that? You don't believe I know people who have finished it? Maybe if I put it this way: "I know a lot of games journalists who have finished their review copies and can not wait for the multi-player to kick in."

Pennywise3549d ago

Bot patrol is out hardcore today.

N4G is bored today, everyone is arguing over a sequel to a mediocre game.

Someone is spamming disagrees with comments that cant be disputed. Go figure. Maybe if they had games to play they wouldnt be so bitter.

Ghoul3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

anyone doubting me check my psn:dynacorp
i have nearly all offline trophies and finished the game on hard.

game was bought on 20.2. at Karstadt in germany

3549d ago
Ghoul3549d ago

"on hard" NOT with a "hard on"

LOL thats hilarious

olivia3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

nice watch in hd for best quality ,, enjoy. p.s turn the volume up for extra chills.

3549d ago
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squallheart3549d ago

Already have the game I have to wait still :/

Im not a big fan of shooters but I am anticipating this game. Actually pre ordered it 6 months ago. Hopefully lives up to my expectations. The only other shooting game i play is metal gear online XD

HardcoreGamer193549d ago

I bet the server will be laging like an old b####. Take socom for an example.

LeonSKennedy4Life3549d ago

Insomniac helped with the servers.

I think they'll be ohkay.

Ghoul3549d ago

i bet the servers will be stable and fluid as hell

check the kz2 beta, warhawk, metalgear online, resistance 1+2. ALL run fluid and absolutly lagfree.

nice troll atempt mate.

mcgrawgamer3549d ago

I wouldn't put warhawk, or mgo in that running, both those games crashed psn for many a gamer me included. I won't disagree with you however. I think we as gamers can have real discussion witout press those damn agree/disagree buttons.

Ghoul3549d ago

"I wouldn't put warhawk, or mgo in that running, both those games crashed psn for many a gamer me included"

hmm weird i consider both as very stable and lagfree so do my friends.

mcgrawgamer3549d ago

now ghoul granted I'm going off my experience with each game and that was around launch for each game. mgo was not as bad, but warhawk was a mess. even when I picked up a used copy after a few months to check it out with my friends before my ps3 crapped out on me I still had a few lag session, but nothing and I mean nothing was bad as Socom, the best thing to come from that game was my official bluetooth headset.

xwabbit3549d ago

lol mcgrawgamer u got a disagree

agentace3549d ago

Socom was only bad for a week or 2 when it came out and they f*%ked up the code for loading. any1 who moans about it now just has a crap connection,i cant remeber a laggy game on socom apart from 1 which my mate hosted which waz the laggy lag fest i`ve ever seen on any game lol

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olivia3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


IWentBrokeForGaming3549d ago

cause Im going to be joining tons of you in deathmatches, and this is gauranteed to be Sonys biggest online game to date... so I hope the servers do the game and us justice cause they will be flooded come this friday!

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