40° Killzone 2 Review

Perhaps more than any other game so far this generation, Killzone 2 is a title weighed down by extreme expectations–both positive and negative. After years of equal parts hype from PlayStation 3 fanboys and bile from haters, the game is finally almost here, and in actuality it rests on an above average middle ground.

Killzone 2 isn't the greatest shooter ever made, as some fans unfairly assumed from all the pre-release hype and overly ambitious target videos, but it's certainly a top-notch triple-A game that any serious gamer who owns a PlayStation 3 should check out.

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and KZ2 is just above average at best. This game is to gritty and tough for geeks. Maybe they should try flower where at least they wont feel threatened (except for their allergies).

BigPappaPump3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Right on!

Blademask3577d ago

It just makes no sense, Both games Halo3 & COD4 Offered nothing new or ABOVE average in single player features. Halo3 adapted a PC/FPS system with the replays/forge, but outside of that it offered nothing new to the FPS gameplay dynamic, same thing for COD4. Its single player was astonishingly short, no enemy variety, terrible A.I, cliche story. I mean the same could be said for all FPS's out there, but its only said for KZ2.

Who the hell goes out of their way to say KZ2 is average, then follows up and calls it AAA? The FPS genre is as generic and mediocre as it gets, we have all been playing the same shoot and strafe for years, thats why people complain about the controls, because we are programmed to play an FPS in one certain way, because it HAS been repetitive time and time again. When you get stuff new like Prey/Mirrors Edge, they flop because people don't want anything different.

Except when it comes to KZ2. There is NO criticism of KZ2 thats valid in the face of Bioshock/COD4/COD5/HALO3/FEAR2 /HL2 which are all held as our BEST examples of FPS's.

I'm glad that KZ2 is getting the praise it deserves, but people are too focused on hurting fanboy feelings by saying "ITS NOTHING SPECIAL!" at the same time calling it an amazing second to none experience. Whats wrong with swallowing pride and admiting that KZ2 delivered on the goals, not the FANBOY hype. Which was to deliver a good FPS & Good online while shattering the console graphical bar. This game would be 100% if it wasn't on the Ps3, which is the sad commentary on game journalism.