IncGamers: Race Pro Review

IncGamers' Mike Grant takes on Atari's latest racing effort and discovers a pretty face isn't everything.

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thetamer3616d ago

I had a girlfriend once who didn't have the best of faces. It didn't matter though, because the things she could do with that face were amazing.

Leord3616d ago

Who said a pretty face isn't everything? I like pretty faces!

Yes I do understand the analogy... =P

DelbertGrady3616d ago

I like faces with damage modeling lol!

Maticus3616d ago

More racing games... yawn. Good review though.

Fyzzu3616d ago

Looks like a decent game if you're into the hardcore racing thing, but I think I'll give it a miss. I had trouble enough with Project Gotham, and I suspect I'd actually explode if I ever gave Forza or Gran Turismo a shot.

wicked3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

EDIT: Reply went in wrong place.... See 5.3

green3616d ago

I would have gotten this game but Atari seems to have launched it at a very bad time.Releasing it alongside games like Halo Wars,GTA4 lost and the damned,RE5,SF4 and Star ocean the last hope was just not very smart in my opinion because those games have way more hype and are more eagerly anticipated than Race Pro.

I guess they all have a different audience but for someone like me who loves cars as much as i love games and really needs a new sim racer but can only justify getting two games at the moment, it pains me to let Race Pro go and get Halo Wars and Star ocean instead.May be April will see less games released and then i will be able to purchase Race Pro.

creeping judas3616d ago

only costs $39.99.

and the game is worth it. it's not the best out there, but with nothing on the immediate horizon, it does the job!!!

green3616d ago

I know but i am in the UK and the best deal i have seen so far is for £36.99.If i see one for just under 30 then i will get it.

wicked3616d ago


Both & have it at £32.99, but I can not find it under £30

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The story is too old to be commented.