Dante's Inferno realtime images

Dante's Inferno ingame images

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Wolf8734297d ago

but for some reason, it reminds me too much of god of war. But let's see how it maintains its own unique style and gameplay.

Tony P4297d ago

I thought my friends were having a laugh with me on this game. It really exists o.o

It's very GoW reminiscent, I agree. And a little Devil May Cry as well. I wouldn't have much of a problem with it though as long as I get to run through the Nine Circles. Inferno is quite rich with lore.

Wonder if it will face censorship?

ngg123454297d ago

Besides the game having terrible graphics in ingame shots, and looks worst than too human it also has an almost idiotic premise. This game looks like some awesome C material.

dachiefsman4297d ago

did you play Too Human? These graphics look quite a bit better than Too Human.

Lord Xire4297d ago

Game looks like crap.