Gamers Temple Review: LocoRoco 2

The Gamers Temple writes: "LocoRoco 2 is one of those games that's simple to pick up and play, but that is difficult to explain to someone who's never seen the game before. I'll try to give it my best shot, though. LocoRocos are tiny, happy, bouncy little blob-like things and you're job is to help them navigate their way through colorful and fantastical 2D levels while keeping them safe from the various baddies that wish them harm. Blob-like things don't have legs, so to move them back and forth you need to tilt the ground back and forth which you do by pressing the left or right triggers. Push the triggers both at once and you'll give the screen a little hop, allowing the LocoRocos to bounce over an obstacle or onto an enemy to squish it. There's one other trick at the LocoRoco's disposal; they can bunch together to form a single big LocoRoco blob. The single blob form has a number of advantages, not the least of which is that it makes travel easier since you don't have to try and manage a dozen or so individual rolling blobs. You'll want to spend most of the time with your LocoRocos collected into one, and break them apart when you need to squeeze them through a small gap or some similar type of situation."

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