Play Preview: SuperCar Challenge

Play-mag writes: "It comes to something when a developer actually broadens its range only to find a fraction of their former audience to contend with, but in all likelihood that's what Gateshead-based Eutechnyx will discover with Supercar Challenge. After all, aiming for the specific niche of best Ferrari videogame can at worst put you second behind whatever version of OutRun was last released. Even if Ferrari Challenge had been garbage (and, thanks to some pretty impressive AI and solid driving mechanics, it wasn't), you'd have the non-arcade homage to Italy's finest manufacturer all sewn up. As soon as brutish Murciélagos and achingly beautiful Aston Martins nudge their way in, however, your game stops being another piece of merchandise for enthusiasts to store away with the Ferrari baseball cap and that glass Michael Schumacher drank from once, and takes a bold step into the broad, and highly competitive, arena of the racing game genre."

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