I Wander...Linear vs. Free-Roaming

Screen Play writes: "While the recently released shooter FEAR 2: Project Origin is a fine game, one of the most obvious complaints is that it feels relentlessly linear.

Most of the action is set in the tight corridors of locations like hospitals, schools and science labs, and the game often fails to give players even a hint of freedom, nor signpost the next path, nor properly explain why you should be heading in that direction.

Next week's PS3 blockbuster Killzone 2 could also be easily accused of railroading players down a rigid path during its single-player campaign, but the more expansive environments you explore give players a lot more creative freedom in terms of tactics to try to outsmart the aggressive and intelligent foes.

Death provides the opportunity to try a different strategy, and it is pleasing to see that the Nazi-style Helghast forces actively respond to your different tactics, frequently using methods like suppressing fire, flanking techniques and lobbing grenades to flush you out.

In essence, Killzone 2 is no less linear than Project Origin, but it feels like you have far more freedom."

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