GiN Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

GiN writes: "If you're at all familiar with soccer and like to play video games, you've undoubtedly heard about the Pro Evolution Soccer/FIFA rivalry. For years, Pro Evolution Soccer has dominated the genre, with incredible gameplay and innovative editing tools. Last year saw, for the first time, FIFA begin to take steps that could possibly dethrone the king of soccer games. Fortunately for fans of PES, things seem to be on the upswing.

It's no secret that the last two installments of PES were lackluster at best. Control was clunky and the game moved faster than any soccer game should. PES 2009 addresses some of the problems that the previous games had by using heavier ball physics, making the game feel more like the real thing. Players also no longer seem like they have legs made of steel, since the ball now travels at a normal pace instead of looking like it was fired out of a cannon."

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