9.0 - Review: Halo Wars

Dave Burns of writes "I'm not the biggest Halo fan in the world… Come to think of it I don't even consider myself as a fan of Halo and this comment along I think there will be an abundance of flaming from the community, but I must say after playing the game for 20 minutes I quickly become submerged in a world of Spartans, Warthogs and of course Covenant."

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dale13550d ago

i,m the biggest fanboy instead,9 out of ten tell it how it is,gamespot which i hate got there reveiw spot on its been ruined by MS,simple money taking for a very poor attempt.

GamerPS3603550d ago

This game is getting very mixed reviews. Well, I have played demo and I liked it. It is for beginner and I am beginner which fits :D

AngryHippo3550d ago

...own personal hands on time with the demo. I think the mixed reviews show that this game is not for everyone but the majority are very positive with some very good scores in there too.

I personally thought the demo was great fun, easy to play and so I will be basing my purchase solely on my experience of the game. Definitely picking up day one.