Cronous Adds Limited Item Packages

The free to play MMO developed by Lizard Interactive, Cronous, is set to have limited and upgraded cash items, purchasable through microtransactions, added to its shop next week.

There will be two limited edition and several new items added to the shop. The limited items will only be available for two weeks.

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Maticus3577d ago

Hmm, seems micro transactions are the way to go these days.

Leord3577d ago

Not a huge fan for microtransactions, but they seem to work...

Elly3577d ago

I've never got into a game with them in but I think if I were it would be hard to resist buying myself lots of things. I'm bad enough shopping online as it is.

Dorjan3577d ago

How different, I hope these 'Premium Dice' are one off uses else whats the point of questing?

thetamer3577d ago

I'll have a look in two weeks.

Fyzzu3577d ago

Much as I hate microtransactions, I can see the reasoning behind them. Oh well.