Tabula Rasa Server Merge: EU Server Not Included

NCSoft has revealed that the EU server for the troubled MMO Tabula Rasa will not be included in the planned server merge, which is in preparation for the shut-down of the game on 28 February.

The European server will have its own 'sunset event', at a time more suitable to European players.

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Maticus3527d ago

It's nice that they're doing that at least. Still very sad to see a game shut down.

Leord3527d ago

Yeah, as I said, even if it isn't a game important to you, it's sad to see them close.

3527d ago
Dorjan3527d ago

The Sun will be setting in Tabula Rasa, never to rise again...


Leord3527d ago

Even if I never played TR or even was terribly interested, I still think the feeling of a permanent shutdown is very sad. It's nice that they get a proper event for it, but never the less, for all the players in the universe, it IS sad...

Fyzzu3527d ago

Yeah :/ Personally I was interested but never really gave it a shot, even after it went free until shutdown. I'm sad to see it go. It looked like it could've carved out a little niche of its own.

thetamer3527d ago

I'm going to space to sort this out

3527d ago