Capcom Top Secret Game Revealed - Lost Planet 2

Gamezine: "TThe Xbox LIVE teaser for the top secret Capcom game is now available for download. Read on to find out what that game actually is.

We reported on a new game announcement incoming from Capcom. They were to reveal the game through a download exclusively on Xbox LIVE.

That teaser is now available for download. You can find the 436mb download after this link to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace."


[UPDATE 5] - Now with announcement footage.

[UPDATE 2] - So what have we learnt from the trailer? Well there's a whole load of gameplay footage to watch, with the game being powered by the MT-FrameWork 2.0 engine. The game will include significant climate change, including melting snow and jungles.

Kenji Oguro is the game's director, with Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi turning his production skills to Lost Planet 2 also.

More first details after the link, including online co-op.

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CapCom only do multiplatform games.

I thought the first one sucked anyway...

nightelfmohawk3524d ago

The trailer is exclusive, for now anyway. So you guys got exclusive wang, exclusive Halo RTS, exclusive Halo ODST, and an exclusive trailer. Since it's capcom though, very unlikely that the game itself will be exclusive.

Doctor_Doom3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Dead Rising HD was exclusive to the 360


II Necroplasm II3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

But the Wii has the HD version too

HD/Highly Downgraded.

Chris3993524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

They might just release demos/ trailers/ media for the 360 first (ala Resident Evil 5).

Pretty sure 3rd party software will all be this way over the next few years. Release it on multiple platforms, give incentives or DLC for certain versions.

vasilisk3524d ago

it would be difficult not to be, cause PS3 didn't exist when Dead Rising was released...

JsonHenry3524d ago

The first one blew big chunks. Unless this one has some major changes I won't touch it.

sonarus3524d ago

Who cares if its multi or exclusive, the first one sucked ballz

Sitdown3524d ago

"CapCom only do multiplatform games. "

Is Tatsunoko vs Capcom a Campcom game? If so....what other system has it been confirmed for, and will it be coming to the US? I am really not trying to pay that premium price for the wii version.

ThanatosDMC3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I loved the first game. Capcom sure knows how to make monster games. But i hate the tunnel level where you had to keep going underground. It was tedious for an action game.

This game will be day 1 purchase for me!

Mikerra173524d ago

kinda sucked hopefully they improve upon this

harrisk9543524d ago

"With news over the weekend that the Lost Planet film would be backed by a huge $150-$200 million budget, Capcom has also announced that a sequel to the game is also in development. Capcom made the announcement via the Weekly Famitsu, a popular Japanese gaming magazine. The sequel will be due out for the PS3 and 360 in 2009, with some exclusive content for the Xbox 360 version."

king dong3524d ago

nice. with over 1mil in sales on the 360 alone, it was obvious a sequel would follow. i'm sure this will be available on both ps3/360.

although the campaign wasn't the best, the multi-player was great and i liked it alot. also, i thought capcom crafted a very beautiful game engine, and the game was seriously under-rated graphically. and will look even better after some more optimisation.

i've not checked out the trailer yet.

hopefully they'll throw in some on-line co-op this time...

day one for me!

gaffyh3524d ago

I think everyone knew it was going to be Lost Planet 2.

edgeofblade3524d ago

I bet it will launch at the same time... and somehow it will be Microsoft's fault for misleading us into thinking it was exclusive.

pain777pas3524d ago

I dont know something does not look exclusive about this game? The trailers seems tailored for both the 360 and PS3.

N4360G3524d ago

Does it even matter? The first Lost Planet sucked big time,feel free to disagree Xbox fanboys.

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pwnsause3524d ago

Im pretty sure its multiplatform. we will here what capcom has to say later.

Foxgod3524d ago

they already said before they where going to reveal a 360 exclusive.
So keep crying.

pwnsause3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

"we expect it to be a multiplatform title, especially since Lost Planet was eventually released for the PlayStation 3."

whos crying now?

Edit: here, cry more.
only thing the 360 version will get is exclusive DLC. LMAO.


The first game sucked ass, keep it :)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3524d ago

Didn't suck on the 360, then again we didn't get a sloppy hand me down, bad framerate sh!t version of Lost Planet.


The core game sucked.

Still, you'll defend it just cos' its "exclusive", even though it isn't xD

JasonPC360PS3Wii3524d ago

^^^ I don't see the word "exclusive" anywhere in my comment. <--- I dare someone to hit disagree on this and be man and say why.

PoSTedUP3524d ago

because your annoying.... ; D

NewZealander3524d ago

i dont care what platform its on, this game has the best graphics ive seen!

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tudors3524d ago

gonna go download it, I will let you know what it is like.

Foxgod3524d ago

Nice, i liked the first part, the boss fights where awesome.
GG Capcom, i am looking forward to Dead rising 2 as well.

Dark_Vendetta3524d ago

me too. Can't download it in Germany -.-