UK Street Fighter Champion Sets New World Record

The successful record attempt took place in London on Friday afternoon. Official Guinness World Records representatives were present to adjudicate the feat, which is now shortlisted for inclusion in next year's Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition.

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rajman3525d ago

Damn 108 is impressive, but I bet most of them were random ppl walking up and challenging him and probably havent played SF4 before. Hope he has a PS3, I wana challenge him =D

Jinxstar3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

"Die One Thousand Deaths!" =D

108 is good but I don't get why it's a world record really.... I could beat my girlfriend and all her friends to total 108 times... However shes getting decent now =D Your welcome to challenge me or her if you like

Rock Bottom3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

This is retarded, the guy have been playing SFIV for like 6 months now and everyone else there have played it for a few days only, yet he was beaten by Hatim AL-Habashi after 26 wins, 108 came from his second attempt, and I bet there was no professional UK street fighter players there.

peeps3525d ago

fair play but i wonder how many would have given him a good challenge and how many hadn't touched a sf game before since it doesn't specify who the challengers were.

P4KY B3525d ago

Sometimes the random button bashers are hard to beat.

ThanatosDMC3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

That's why Tekken owns Street Fighter. 2D fighting vs 3D fighting. Not to mention, street fighter moves aren't real martial arts moves. Oh well, just my opinion.

Also, from the video. He's not that good. In fact those are nub moves that you can easily counter. If you noticed, the guy he was fighting sucks too. It's a no freakin duh that he won.

caseh3525d ago

Not doubting he's a good player, but what a silly record.

Like others have said, how many of these players were randomers who had just picked up SFIV and jumped online.

I'm also willing to bet Zak had played SFIV, possibly play tested for past few months seeing as hes recognised as among the best in UK. So already knowing character tiers would have given him one hell of an advantage.

uHuRu3525d ago

he should go and try that record in Japan. lol. he'll be lucky to have even 1 consecutive win.

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