PopMatters Review: Resistance 2

Darwin Hang Writes:

The sequel to the best PlayStation 3 launch game arrived in time for the console's 2 year anniversary and in the midst of a worldwide financial crisis. Is it a title that is going to make Americans obtain another loan deferral to purchase the market-lagging PS3? It was an ambitious project, to not only improve on the original, but to show how far the gaming experience for the PlayStation 3 has evolved over the past two years. So how did it do?

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GamerPS3603526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

haha. late review and 7 :D. I didn't like R2 sp myself but still it is no 7.

PS3istheshit3526d ago

Story is perfect and a $h!t load of fun an the graphics are insanely good
every single thing in the story mode is awesome like sound and gameplay and everything
but heres were the T.U.R.D bomb lands
co op is not the greatest
its closer to the leastest of games
wtf no co op story mode ( like Resistance fall of man? )
and y r my guns already made for me in online mode
y cant i customize it like cod4
online mode is fun until u get shot
no matter wat happens if u get shot once ur done
its so stupid cuz u cnt lie down like in cod4 wen sum1s shooting u
thers no strategy
an the leveling system
holy [email protected] man
its so hard to level up after level 9
i like the unlockables but the leveling gets so hard after its ridiculous
i need 100,000 xp to go to level 10
i got dark sector and its online is way funner and its 2 years old and i only played once
i felt like playing cod4 but i went to dark sector
that game is really under rated
guys its only 10 bucks used at eb games and 20 new
get and let me know cuz theres not many ppl playing online but theres at least 3 games going on at any time
bak to R2
the only reason i dont sell this game is bcuz of the fantastic story mode
i had a lot of fun with it and im gonna enjoy killzone 2 way more
resistnce 3 is gonna be really good im guessing cu now they know wat they did wrong
nice job insomniac but resistance 2 online wasnt as good as i dreamed about
i mean uh thought about it