PSXextreme: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Preview

Arnold Katayev of PSXextreme writes: When we first caught a glimpse of Uncharted, it was through a series of leaked photos that showed off the game's insanely detailed environments. When Naughty Dog revealed our strapping character hanging off a tree mouths of gamers dropped everywhere, be it from awe or jealousy. There's no doubt that Uncharted was an impressive achievement considering how early into the PlayStation 3's life it was released. Granted, there were still some spots to be improved on...and that's exactly what Naughty Dog has done with the sequel.

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Kamikaze1353527d ago

The first Uncharted still looks better than most games coming out now...I can only imagine what sort of impact the 2nd one will leave in the gaming world.

Blademask3527d ago

"Uncharted is the best looking console game out" in their review, and it got praise everywhere for its seamless loading/graphics & animation & texture quality & variety.

This game makes my eyes bleed color and detail, its just staggering. The screens from the new game look even better than U1, amazing what Naughty Dog can do.

Danja3527d ago

im sure when Uncharted 2 comes wil be the best looking console game ever...

but for's KZ2..XD...

exclusive to the PS3...!!!

Gamekilla3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

...EVERYDAY...BY....NEW....GA MES.....

nix3527d ago

it's funny how only PS3 exclusive games' names turn up when it comes to "great graphics".

and all this in 2 years time... q:

Hydrolex3527d ago

1- Killzone 2
2- MGS4
3- Uncharted

and stupid CNETrosoft said PS3 and 360 graphics are similar !!!

Uncharted 2 will say NO !

Freak of Nature3527d ago

A great game,that has even more promise,from a great dev house...

Eye candy even sweeter...check...

Gameplay from climbing being more versatile and intuitive to "stealth options",to higher levels of A.I.....check...

I recall a person (woman) from Naughty Dog in an interview,a designer/producer/director talking about the changes/improvements she was looking forward to for Uncharted 2 just after Uncharted 1 released....She talked about being able to climb,solve puzzles and shoot/fight all at once,at certain times instead of the...Fight here....Platform/climb here,solve puzzle here seperated segments....

This game will be better than very good,it will be fantastic,you just know it,don't you?

To put a cherry on top of the cake/pie all they would need to do is "confirm Co-op"....And a next JAK announcement would be out of this World....

BulletToothtony3527d ago

lol.. quick someone call the Troll Control Center,

describe them as 2 jealous trolls, that have nothing good to do all day.. or maybe even worse.. One troll with TWO accounts..

- Ghost of Sparta -3527d ago

...How all the "best looking" games now are PS3 exclusives. God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Flower, MGS4, GT5, etc. It's like that "other" console doesn't even exist anymore. By the time God of War 3 is finished though I know it'll surpass each of the games I listed, I say this because I remember when they revealed the first God of War 2 trailer to the public. As good as it looked, it paled in comparison to the finished product. It was like God of War 1 VS God of War 2, and keep in mind that the latest GOW3 was put together from an old build.

In the end though, Team ICO's new masterpiece will crush all.

cmrbe3527d ago

thats how i call it as well.

Texture wise Unccharted and MGS4 beats KZ2 slightly but overall visual KZ2 is better. Its just amazing what GG have achieved with KZ2. When i played the demo. I said to my self. Now this is what you call, a war game.

Lich1203527d ago

Im sure Ill get disagrees for this but I didn't quite find MGS4 all that amazing as far as graphics. Uncharted on the other hand had amazing graphics and an all around art direction. One of my favorite games this generation, can't wait for the second.

beavis4play3527d ago

i'd love to hear when ND is bringing Jak to the ps3.........after seeing ratchet and clank, i'm dying to see what ND can do with [email protected]

cayal3527d ago

I'm calling it now.

Uncharted 2 is better than sex.

swinesucker3527d ago

True, with most people, but not better than sex with lolitas.

CBaoth3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Try aiming 6 inches lower - that's her belly button :)



poor 360.

theEnemy3527d ago

Well the PS3 is still around for a long time, so the answer is no.

PS3 exclusives are the best looking console games ever.

Lich1203527d ago

Exclusive... you're an idiot. Do you feel better now? Is you're purchase justified?

spunnups3527d ago

Go pop MGS4 back in and take a look around. MGS4 has no jaggies whatsoever.

StayHigh3527d ago

This game is going to push the ps3 hardware!! I cant wait to get this game this year..and Infamous..

Mikerra173527d ago

anyone know how much of the ps3s potential power this uses I know killzone uses 60% or so but I have no idea what this will use

Lifendz3527d ago

and it didn't really sell that well? I was one of those people that slept on it for a good month or so. Then 1up published an article stating something to the effect of "If you own a PS3 and didn't pick up Uncharted, you are part of the problem." I rarely let articles like that motivate me to buy a game but considering the high scores it got and the fact that a site like 1up would say something like that, I decided to give it a go. I was not disappointed at all. Drake is easily one of the most charismatic protagonists of this current generation. And the aesthetics of the game just stand out so much in the wave after wave of brown and muggy games (not complaining by the way as those games are gorgeous looking too). So yeah, I can't wait for Uncharted 2 and I hope the game puts up bigger numbers this time around since the PS3 install base is much larger and more and more of us are fans of the series.


tsk tsk lifeendz.

all ps3 exclusives are worth owning. except lair simply due to controls.

heavenly sword was awesome, rATCHET AND CLANK, I CAN GO ON.

Lifendz3527d ago

I tried to tell the people at Gamestop that but they seemed to insist on me having money :(.

Jake11113526d ago

I was floored when I noticed Fallout 3 getting GOTY over MGSIV. This was a travesty. I am in no way a fanboy, have both systems, like games on both but the amount of "GAME" you get with the MGSIV blue ray is leaps beyond anything else last year.

I finished Fallout 3 with a "not bad" feeling.

I finished MGSIV with a "WOW"! feeling....

Therefore I feel MS will do everything in its power to not let any exclusive on PS3 get GOTY. It will be another multiplatform bleh game....

Regardless. We as gamers win.... Keep the games coming!!!!


BiG_LU3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

I seen so far nothing is compare with the first one and still enjoy the game, hope they don't change the control to much cuz I love the way it feel, of course they might do something with the amount of bullets u need to take a enemy out but that's about it and for me it wasn't a problem cuz I was shooting to the head and that help me to save a lot of bullets.

Graphically, I can wait to see all the new details they doing now and hope they put new weapons like a knife or something to do new kind of combos, hope they do.

This is another game I can't wait counting GoW3 and killzone 2 that is a few days away.

pain777pas3526d ago

This dev still remembers what games are about fun and intensity. Uncharted is fun and intense and one of the greatest games that is truly underappreciated because there is no multiplayer. Good grief!!!!!!!!!

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BulletToothtony3527d ago

and everytime it's really impressive, this game has everything, the character it's just so cool.. they did a great job with this game.. you just don't want to put it down..

i've beat it 5 times and that was before the trophies.. i can't wait for part 2.. hope sully is in it

Max Power3527d ago

that Uncharted was the last game other than Super Mario World that i wanted to replay as soon as i beat it.

spunnups3527d ago

Uncharted was my first Platinum. I beat it Twice before trophies, and then twice again when the trophies were released.

MURKERR3527d ago

i think the author is getting carried away in his excitement for uncharted 2, only console game so far deemed worthy enough to be compared to crysis all over the internet has been kz2

odisho683527d ago

the key words in your statement are "so far"...KZ2 is by far the most graphically advanced game we have seen on a console, but there's no reason why games like heavy rain and uncharted 2 can't top that =)...ahhh it's great to own a PS3

jkhan3527d ago

Crysis and Uncharted are two very different games. I mean they are way too different. Beauty is a very context dependent term. You can't call urban wasteland of Killzone 2 beautiful in respect to beauty but in terms of sheer technical achievement killzone 2 is a beast. But you have to give it to Uncharted that two years on and it is still among the top best looking games on consoles. No other game has aged so gracefully. Killzone 2 is an amazing looking game, but when we see Uncharted 2 in motion it may not have all the effects and amount of stuff happening on screen but it may turn out amazing artistically.

swinesucker3527d ago

Dude you guys are ******* nuts. Uncharted does not look that ******* great. Between the tearing, all the jaggies, and many low res textures and cutscenes that are at best a 1/5 of what ND can really do, stop talking like the game is that much of a beast. It's not!

2 will be.

JaPo3527d ago

People underrate Uncharted. It is exactly what a game should be like.

KZ2 might trump it in the 'technological achievement' stakes but no way do I find it more pleasing to look at. Uncharted's the kind of game I sometimes want to play simply to see the vibrant colours popping from my HD screen.

Graphics are awesome. Screen-tearing was a minor niggle but I sure as hell don't remember any jaggies. Maybe your PS3's on the brink, bro?

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BGDad3527d ago

Seriously Ps3 has some cool games coming.

Helghast Slayer3527d ago

Yep Sony innovates while M$ burns down houses lol. Who brings a dvd9 to a next gen race? Forget the Wii because well...the name says it all lol.