Why Flower has Killzone 2 Beat

gameplayer writes:

"Videogaming, as a medium, is immature – we know that. We get it. It's hammered home by everyone – those that design games, those that write about games, those that play games. Backed by any kind of objective judgement, the pursuit of videogames as art is constantly being compared to that of child in pampers – a barely functional, illiterate, tongue-tied non-entity, bathing in its own fluids, longing for the day when it can indulge in a decent discourse without shitting itself..."

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Microsoft Xbox 3603528d ago

Sony is king of innovative games.

Danja3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

and both Flower and KZ2 are exclusive to the PS3..

both are great games...which shouldn't really be compared but Flower is amazing....I haven't beaten it yet ...but damn the animations is freakin awesome.....

Mikerra173528d ago

your right they should not be comapared because they are 2 different games at almost everyway you look at it

Droid Smasha3528d ago

In sales it definitely will

nycredude3528d ago

Are you inherently a retard or do you jsut try really hard to sound like one.

djtek1843528d ago

Can I have some of what your smoking?

OGharryjoysticks3528d ago

But let's not get carried away

Cerberus21253528d ago

You are a Buffoon,you give video games a bad name,Flower is a masterpiece.

Rice3528d ago

Flower is a beautiful game, content and is decades ahead of the medium.

I though want this game really badly, who wants to share i'll exchange pixel junk eden?

Bathyj3528d ago

Flower might be great, but its rules cant be applied to every game.

What is he saying, to be elevated to a piece of art Killzone has to have no story, while keeping the action and mechanics in tune with the setting.

Can you imagine the pounding if Killzone had NO STORY. Sure Gears 1 got away with it, but this is a PS3 game. Flower wouldn't get away with it either if it was full price.

ianp6223528d ago

If you think Flower had no story, then you either didn't play it or you didn't pay attention.

This article is one of the best articles I've read from a major gaming website in a long time, because it acknowledges that games aren't movies, and shows how a game that treats itself accordingly will advance the genre much more than a cinematic game.

Bathyj3528d ago

So what was the story, I must have missed it. I haven't finished it yet, do you hear the whole thing at the end?

GrieverSoul3528d ago

The story of flower isnt made of words but rather visual representations. To sum it up:

Lv01 to 06

Flower restores the world in the beginning
The world is consumed by polution due to non friendly environment energy
Flower shows that wind energy is good
Flower fights back the polution of non friendly environment energy
Flower shows the world that wind energy is the way to go
Flower goes into to town and turns its colour since it no longer pollutes due to the wind energy adoptation

Flower might be a representation of NAture´s will.
Thats the beauty of the game, it opens your imagination to what is happenning instead of laying out a story in words.

Kyur4ThePain3528d ago


I thought I was the only one that was able to "read" the story.
Glad to see there are others out there with open eyes and open minds.

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Ps_alm3k3528d ago

With all my friends....
This is Going to be a blast!!!!
Puff* PuFF* Cough * Puff**
AAA Sony FTW!!!!

Sarcasm3528d ago

that wasn't even funny

i could imagine the stupid on your face laughing by yourself

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