RE 5 - very short?


"It seems our seven and a half hour completion time has upset many people, prompting some to step forward and label it false. Proof to the contrary, along with out latest podcast featuring plenty of Resident Evil 5 discussion, can be found inside..."

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AlternativeChaos3528d ago

i actually remember reading it was 5 hours longer the RE4

II Necroplasm II3528d ago

i never read that hope it's true though

nix3528d ago

sigh... that's the only thing that stopped me from buying it. otherwise it looks great!

barom3528d ago

Actually, I've read somewhere that in a lot of reviews they said RE4 was too long and when presented that case to the developer (Takeuchi?) he told them they felt the same way and was gonna address that issue. Saying that they would analyze what was fun and what was not.

Think it was in the EGM issue where RE5 was on the cover.

Hiruma Youchi3528d ago

Im kinda tired of all the fuss about the controls!!!

RE4 played exactly the same way And it won Game of the Year 05 and it was my Favorite GC game ever. Playing this game is Easy you just have to get used to the controls. I played the demo yesterday at my friends house and had a blast playing in Co-op. I'll buy this game on day one.

DARK WITNESS3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

@ Hiruma Youchi

don't worry, you are not alone...

I am tired also of people like you defending the controls... ya, the last game won game of the year, we all know that. well this is a new year, new generation and the competition for game of the year is going to be a lot harder...

if you like the controls and enjoyed the game, buy it. for everyone of you who will, there is also someone who won't buy it because they didn't enjoy it. There are plenty of other ( better ) games to spend money on.

to each his own. the same way you are entitled to give it praise, we are just as much entitled to bash it.

i am not having a go at you or anything, just saying there are two sides to the coin. you guys are tired, we are tired too.

caladbolg7773528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I think you've summed up the argument right there. This isn't 05. This is 09. Gaming has changed a lot in the last four years. The complaint is that little has changed from RE4 to RE5.

Good or bad. That's your call.

Anon19743527d ago

and Gears 2 not only looked very similar but played very similar. I don't remember people complaining that "It's not 2006 anymore! Gears shouldn't be using the same controls." Both games were fantastic.

Quite frankly, RE5 will be a first day buy for me as well. RE4 was spectacular and in the last 4 years of gaming ranks up there among my favorites with Bioshock, LBP, God of War II. It's apparent to to me that this is a different RE game, just like RE4 was different from the Resident Evil games before it.

I'll reserve judgment until it's released and I get a chance to see how the entire game comes together.

Beast_Master3527d ago

as well, can someone say DLC?


@ darkride66

to be fair you raise a good counter argument. yep gears 1 and 2 did have the same controls... and both gears 1 and 2 won game of the year ( in some peoples opinion ). but remember both gears were both this gen, res 4 was last gen.

now talking about personal opinion and please note this is just " my " opinion. gears 1 deserved game of the year when it came out, gears 2 didn't in anyway. infact i actually hated gears 2 for many reasons. its one of the very few games i have not finished. not because its too difficult or anything, i just found it a complete let down in my eyes. if it was not for the fact that i sold my gear 1 copy to get gear 2 ( big mistake ) i would have sold gears 2 and kept 1.

Beast_Master3527d ago

If it is only 7 hrs long than this is a rental for me.

ThanatosDMC3527d ago

If it's too short then it's not worth $65 for me, i want co-op that lasts. I'll wait for IGN's reviews, i guess. When's Lost Planet 2 coming out???

CobraKai3527d ago

I remember RE4 was almost 20 hours the first time I played it through, second time was more like 10 with cutscenes. I was expecting the same with RE5. I'm still gonna buy it tho

DominusRebellis3527d ago

People are still going on about the controls? I played it yesterday and found it fine! No this is not based on my opinion, it is fact: The controls in RE5 are good, unless you're a complete idiot and cant use two thumbs simultaneously. What are people expecting for the controls to be like Uncharted or Dark Sector? Please, if you want controls like that then play those games, if you want something different, then play RE5. Controls do NOT make or break a game so get over it! How stupid are some people? Sure everyone has their own opinion but if it is not constructive then don't waste everyone's time; go cry in a mirror. B!tching doesnt change anything but constructive criticism does.

Skizelli3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

A great story can be told in under 2 hours in a feature-length film. 7 hours is fine with me, so long as the story is good. I want to know:

- How Jill Valentine died.
- The outcome of Chris vs. Wesker Part 2.
- What Sheva is all about.
- What TriCell is up to.
- How Umbrella's virus(es) came to be.
- The fate of Sherry Berkin.
- Who that masked woman is.

It's like a movie to me. I want to see what happens next. A 7 hour interactive plot still beats a 2 hour film hands down, so long as it's memorable.

If you're coming into this game just because it has co-op, with no knowledge of the previous games, why bother if you don't know what's going on?

umair_s513527d ago

7 hours , 30 mins and 1 SECOND??? WTF

DominusRebellis3527d ago

Skizelli...Umbrella didn't make the T and G virus..I did!

barom3527d ago

Since some disagreed with me. I feel the need to throw this in their faces. From RE5 director Yasuhiro Anpo, EGM issue 234 page 60.

"Certainly, we've had to play through Resident Evil 4 a lot of times ourselves and we feel it's a very long game. And that's one of the tough parts about it, that it takes so long to play through. Resident Evil 5 will probably end up being a littler shorter than Resident Evil 4. We've looked at some parts of RE4 that weren't so exciting, and we're going to add parts that are more exciting and have more impact"

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frayer3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Looks like the 360's limations strike again. Totally unacceptable....

ape0073528d ago

I doubt it

cause if the original plan was big,they'll include another disk,just like resi 4

but it's a small probability that 360 is a possible reason

GUNS N SWORDS3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

and that bioshock is over 15 hrs long.

why you made that comment is beyond me, now explain to me why ps3 needs a mandatory 5 gig install for 1 dvd game like bioshock.

DevastationEve3528d ago

"Looks like the 360's limations strike again. Totally unacceptable.... "

"GAMER ZONE" not "OPEN ZONE", why is it so hard for people to understand that?

Blademask3528d ago

Games that are technically more advanced than anything the 360 has shown to be capable of, and dwarf all multiplats when its comes to graphical ability.

Those games stream load just fine, you dont need loading Hallways like Mass Effect, no. Just pop in, let it cache, then play. Most PS3 exclusives have no install, R2/Motorstorm2, heck even Fear2 & Deadspace didn't have an install, and those are multiplats.

More and more developers are figuring out how to do this, and others that don't quite know offer optional isntalls like Capcom did with SF4.

Its really just developer knowledge at this point, hope that helps.

Kushan3528d ago

Blademask, don't forget it comes down to the engine as well. Unreal technology is very big on streaming, you get short load times but a bit of texture pop in. My guess is Bioshock has the install just to reduce this pop-in. It'd probably work without one, but the texture pop in would take away from the atmosphere of the game. Even with the 360's DVD drive, many UE3 games have terrible pop-in, so it makes sense to me.

Still, blaming this game's short SP on the 360 is simply absurd, companies like Capcom don't cripple their biggest franchises just because they don't want to shell out for a second disk. If the game truly is that short, it's been a design decision from Capcom from the beginning of it's development. Considering it's been what, 4 years since RE4? I find it hard to believe they'd spend all that time making a game twice as long, only to cut it down.

Microsoft Xbox 3603528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Mass Effect is repetitive though. You can't compare an RPG to an action game like RE5 or any other game in the action non-rpg genre in terms of length and size.

outlawlife3528d ago

the fact that 20+ people agreed with this idiot shows the intelligence level of this site

Hooby3528d ago

This site isn't 95% sony fanboys at all. Nope.

Anon19743527d ago

Why are people idiots for agreeing with that? With companies like Terminal Reality complaining about what Ghostbusters could have been if they didn't have to develop on the 360, or ID admitting to RAGE being scaled back in size due to the 360's hardware.. true gamers should be concerned that games they're receiving may have been limited due to a multiplatform launch. Industry analysts have been cautioning from the beginning that the 360's older technology would eventually prove to be a liability for the growth of PS3 games as the "lowest common denominator" factor would become more and more of an issue as developers would be reluctant to make one version of their game superior to the other in fear that the perceived "inferior" version would be hurt in sales.

This has nothing to do with being a fan of one console or another, this is just common sense. Gamers should also be concerned about the success of the Wii as well. The push into the casual market runs the very real possibility that developers may start switching over to make a quick buck on smaller Wii games that don't eat up as many developing dollars. Try being a gamer, and not so quick to point the finger at other fans who have a right to be concerned.

outlawlife3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

the reasoning for my statement is this:

-that is not for sure the reason that the game may be short
-games this gen are barely reaching a gameplay time of 10 hours on any platform regardless of exclusivity
-other games with far more involved or on a comparable level have easily fit on 1 disc
- resident evil games in the past had been on multiple discs, capcom isn't afraid to split content if need be
-if space were an issue the ps3 version would look markedly superior due to compression on the 360 side, notably textures, it does not look any better at all

as for the rage point if you would research the topic is wasn't scaled back at all, areas were consolidated to allow an even split between more than 1 disc on 360 for continuity

the fact is dvd didn't limit this game, the developers did

games on ps3 are no longer, MGS4 is around 7 hours, heavenly sword somewhere around 6-7, killzone also rumored to be in that range, the list goes on

if dvd were limiting the length of multiplatform games then we would see a huge disparity between the length of ps3 and 360 games, that disparity just does not exist

developers have complex compression algorithms in which they can fit basically anything on a dvd if need be, it is all about optimization

im not even going to get into the fact that for games blu-ray doesnt have as much a space advantage as you think due to multi instancing to compensate for the slow read speed which comes into play with games that don't have an install

the fact is that comment was just stupid, the person is uninformed and just taking an unnecessary dig at the 360 therefore my finger is pointed

also take time to look at the commenter in questions comment history, you'll see his agenda clearly

tatotiburon3527d ago

killzone 2 is also 5 hours long

ThanatosDMC3527d ago

When you wrote MGS4 is only 7 hours long, you failed with your comment. You've obviously never played the game and only read articles or watched the 5 hour long run of the game. You missed out.

outlawlife3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

actually i played through metal gear on my friends ps3, it was 7-10 hours for me

solidjun53527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

are you toasticus from kotaku?
You writing style is very similar.

Okay cool. I only ask because he articulated his responses and your responses were very similar. It wasn't a slight or anything. I was just curious.

outlawlife3527d ago

nah i don't post on kotaku, this is really the only site i'm active on that i don't use of my real world identity

DarK-SilV3527d ago

There is no way you could finish MGS4 in 7 hours unless you skip the entire cut scenes and it’s at least you second run

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frayer3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Dirty scumbot website...

swiftshot933528d ago

even if it was 5 hours long I'd still buy it for $60 day one.

RonRico3527d ago

Looks like a day 1 completion also!

GamerPS3603528d ago

7 hours is good for me 'coz I play good game over 10 times :D