Q-games e-mail about PixelJunk Dungeons

After emailing Q-games to find out what is going on with the announced game, PixelJunk: Dungeons (a top-down dungeon crawler slated to be similar to classic Gauntlet), this is the email that they responded with...

It hints that they will be announcing big things soon, at E3? or possibly GDC?

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UNCyrus3552d ago

Just the description of the type of game it is makes me want to buy it day-1... Considering they were able to do what they did with Monsters in the tower defense genre, and Eden in the platformer genre... Makes my skin crawl to think of what they're capable of in the dungeon crawler genre

meepmoopmeep3552d ago

Q Games are awesome
but their games are rough, man.

they're usually very challenging which is good, but they're hard.
i'll get their next game for sure though.

PirateThom3552d ago

Q Games, to me, are trapped in the NES style of game development. Their games are tough and offer genuine challenge. Never, ever a bad thing.

UNCyrus3552d ago


That simple style of game is what makes them so great. They are the epitome of what each of these genres can be!

ThanatosDMC3552d ago

Y'all should try Savage Moon. I cant get passed the second planet's first level.

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40cal3552d ago

I loved Monsters and Eden. It is nice to see that they have another title in the works, I was actually thinking about something new coming from them today.

Cant wait for an official announcement.

frayer3552d ago

Q-Games? Dungeon Crawler? Pixel Junk? Can't wait!

3552d ago
Gambit073552d ago

They have already said they are releasing another game before Dungeons.


UNCyrus3552d ago

yes... It says that in the post, but what the article is really about, is that they're hinting that they'll unveil something very soon...

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