Radio Free Nintendo Podcast: Episode 134

RFN writes:

"This episode starts off with chatter upon Animal Crossing and Retro Game Challenge, plus a bunch of games on other systems, including a bit of Soul Calibur 4 vs. Street Fighter 4 action. Then we complete a round of RetroActive, with coverage of the final Boos and final boss in Luigi's Mansion. We're taking a break from RetroActive next week, then it's on to Eternal Darkness! Be sure to drop your suggestions for upcoming games in the forums, and look out for the next poll to be launched soon.

After the break, it's time for Listener Mail. Zelda's save system, rumors on NWR, and a 60-second game design challenge are all up to bat. The show ends with a survey of recent news developments, from Commodore 64 on Virtual Console to details of the new Dead Space game for Wii."

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